Easy Ways to Maintain a Youthful Appearance

easy ways to maintain a youthful appearance and like what you see when you look in the mirror

Easy Ways to Maintain a Youthful Appearance

Let’s just be honest here. Getting older is not fun. Once we hit 40, 50, or beyond things just naturally change. All of a sudden we notice different things about our appearance, our energy levels, and our priorities in life. Some people accept them and go on with life and then there are others like me who wants to make sure that I look hip and age appropriate at the same time. Maintaining a youthful appearance is a priority for me. No, I do not want to look twenty years younger than my actual age. I just want to feel good and look good for my age. When we like what we see in the mirror, then we automatically feel better.

So here’s some easy things that I do to maintain a more youthful appearance. You too can easily incorporate some of these things so you love the way you look and feel. No matter our age, we need to and embrace that age. What that does not mean is that we let things go and start to look frumpy. Little tweaks to your appearance and the clothing that you choose to wear can make a world of difference. It’s easy to be that woman that everyone wonders how she always looks so good when she walks in the room.

So let’s look at the 5 areas that I pay attention to so that I maintain a youthful appearance and look age appropriate at the same time.

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Healthy Lifestyle and Its Effects on a Youthful Appearance

Yes, we hear this term healthy lifestyle all of the time. It can mean different things to different people. Some are much more extreme about their lifestyle choices than others. If you follow me or just take a look at recent blog posts, I am always talking about the choices I make in my food, what I drink, and how I prioritize exercise and sleep. All of these choices affect the way that our body functions on a daily basis. If our body is firing on all cylinders, then we are just going to look and feel better. So here are a few things to consider if you think you need to clean up your lifestyle a bit.

  • Water. Drinking enough water each and every day. You might also want to consider adding electrolytes if you don’t like plain water. I love adding these in especially in the warmer months.
  • Anti-Inflammatory Foods. The food that we choose to fuel our bodies makes a difference. Many foods and beverages cause inflammation which shows up in bloated bellies and puffiness in our skin.
  • Exercise. As we age our metabolism slows. Getting enough exercise and maintaining our muscle is so important. You can read more tips for Exercising Over 50 here.
  • Sleep. Getting enough quality ZZZs every night is so important. Not only does it affect our mood, but it also affects how our skin looks and our metabolism.

Keeping Your Hair Looking Its Best

As we age, our hair changes. Not only do those grey hairs start to appear, but menopause can also be the culprit behind hair thinning or loss. I personally experienced hair thinning/loss in my early 50s. I started taking Nutrafol and what a difference it has made for me. If you start to see signs of thinning or loss, I can’t recommend getting on a good supplement to try to combat it. So what are some other little tweaks to make sure that our hair style helps us maintain a youthful appearance.

  • Keep an up to date hair style.
  • Whatever color and cut you choose to be maintain it regularly.
  • If you choose to go grey, then make sure you find a way to transition it. This is a great article on options for transitioning. You don’t have to look frumpy while mother nature takes its course on your hair color.


There’s no easier way to show our personal style than thru what we are wearing. You know what they say about first impressions. So what do people who meet you for the first time think or say about you? Do they think that you look hip or like an old lady who hasn’t updated her wardrobe in years? There is that balance between trying to look too young and having an age appropriate youthful appearance. Here are just a few things to think about that were some of the “fashion rules” that we grew up with that show our age. Do you still do these things?

  • Matching your handbag to your shoes
  • Only wearing white after Easter and until Labor Day
  • Not wearing different shades of the same color together
  • Not wearing costume jewelry
  • Not mixing patterns and prints

If you don’t break the old fashion rules, then the next time you get dressed I challenge you to break just one. For example, wearing white in the winter and black in the summer can be oh so chic. Every woman should have a great little white dress (LWD) and little black dress (LBD) for winter and summer.

Makeup & Skin Care

So when was the last time that you went in and consulted with a good makeup artist to update your look? I’m not talking about a salesperson at a makeup counter, I’m talking a bone fide makeup artist. There is a real difference.

Just like we shouldn’t wear one designer from head to toe like everyone did in the 80s, we shouldn’t wear everything by the same cosmetic brand. Every brand has things that they are really good at and I am sorry to say that no cosmetic brand can be great at all products. Meeting with a true makeup artist that can introduce you to the products that will look best on your skin type (and it does change with age) and really work for you to help with a more youthful appearance. Most big department stores will have true makeup artists that you can meet with. Just ask in the personal styling section and I am sure they can connect you.

Clean Beauty Products

Have you joined in on the clean beauty movement? I will admit that this is one of the last areas of my life that I have started to “clean up”. The last couple of years I have slowly started buying skin care products that are all natural and free of chemicals. This year I have even made sure that the self tanners I am using are clean. You can read about those products here.

Next time you get close to empyting one of your skin care products I challenge you to find a clean alternative. There are lots of them out there. Your skin may fall in love.


What woman doesn’t love shoes. I hear so many women say that they can no longer wear xyz type of shoe. Well, the good news is that there are so many brands out there that now make shoes in such a way that we no longer have to sacrifice style for comfort. If you can’t wear high heels anymore, then wear kitten heels or a 2″ block heel. They will still look just as stylish as the high heels that you used to wear. You CAN have comfort and style. Just look outside of brands that you have worn for years. A couple of my favorites for comfort and style (and small/specialty sizing) are Sarah Flint and Marmi.


As always, thanks for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the internet. If you have made it all of the way down to this point, the you know this means the world to me that you have taken the time out of your day. In the next few months I will be diving deeper into some of these topics that will help us maintain a youthful appearance and feel good about ourselves as we age.

Remember to always have a little SASs in your day!


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  1. Jodie Filogomo says:

    I love how you included skincare and our hair with everything else Beth. AND sleep. That is so important.

    1. Yes, our skin and our hair are so important in not only our appearance but our health. Sleep. Oh my, I love my sleep and that is when our body repairs itself. So many people don’t appreciate a good night’s sleep.

  2. Sharon Miller says:

    Such a great read Beth all taken on board particularly sleeping more this needs attention my sleeping pattern is crazy roughly 4 hours every night..

  3. Hey!! Love all these tips and especially the reminders of what belongs in the past like matching purse and shoes- no-no! Great post Beth!

    1. Yes, it’s not just about what we wear and how we wear things. It’s also about healthy habits to keep us looking young and hip.

  4. Gay Baldasare says:

    Very good post ! Hadn’t thought about some of the ruts I’m in. Great motivation to “step out of my comfort zone. Thank you

    1. There are so many cute UPF sun hats out there. We just need to make sure we take advantage of all of them to keep our skin healthy and looking its best.

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