Hydrating Face Masks for Mature Skin to Add to Your Routine

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Hydrating Face Masks for Mature Skin to Add to Your Routine

Those who know me, know I like a routine. Whether it is my workout schedule, my eating schedule, or my skin care schedule, there is a method to my madness. Yes, I make sure that I cleanse, tone, serum, and moisturize morning and night. In addition to that I have a masking schedule. Year round I like to use hydrating face masks at least once a week. However, when the humidity levels start to go down I like to amp up my routine and use a hydrating face mask twice a week.

So how do I remember when to do my masks? I like to do Wednesday and Sunday evenings. Years ago I heard that routine from someone. It just made sense to me. A mid week perk-up and a weekend relaxation ritual.

What I will say is that skin care is personal. What works for my skin may not be what your skin needs. Your skin may need more or less TLC in the colder months. I have used all of these hydrating face masks. Some may have been gifted to me and some I may have purchased myself. Regardless, the opinions about each of them are my own.

Just a reminder…you can click on any of the underlined links to get more information about the product or brand.

Why Use A Hydrating Face Mask

Just like your favorite serum or moisturizer as mask is just another way to get nutrients to your skin. Face masks will give your skin an extra boost when you add them into your routine. Benefits of masks can vary depending upon the type. Some of the benefits of using a hydrating mask are:

  • hydrate and moisturize your skin
  • improve the texture and appearance of your skin
  • minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

“Clean” Face Masks

All of the face masks that I am going to talk about are either considered “clean” beauty brands or they are made from organic ingredients. You can ready about why I have been switching to clean products in my beauty routine here. If you are interested in cleaning up your beauty routine, I have written about how you can start your clean beauty journey too.

Masks That Are A Part of My Routine

I like to switch up my masks. Sometimes I choose based upon my mood, it could be the amount of time that I have, or it could be about how much hydration I feel my skin needs. For this I just thought it would be easier to put them in alphabetical order.

Hopefully this list will introduce you to some new brands and masks to try for your skin care routine so that you can get your glow on.


Arcona Los Angeles started as a spa based brand. It was created by Chanel Janae who is the owner, formulated and aesthetician. Their products are now sold online on various sites or you can still book appointments at their Beverly Hills studio and experience the products in person.

This line has two great hydrating masks, The Starchild Moisture Infusion Firming Mask and the Wine Hydrating Mask.

If you like a sheet mask, then Starchild is definitely worth a try. It leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and glowing. It also has ingredients that are good for firming your skin and reducing fine lines and wrinkles. Just put it on and relax for 15-20 and enjoy the benefits while you sleep. This mask you have to purchase from the company’s website.

The Wine Hydrating Mask is a favorite for Sunday evening relaxation time. It smells wonderful and does not get hard or crusty. Leaves my skin very hydrated and feeling very smooth and soft.


Eminence Pumpkin Latte Hydration Masque is a seasonal favorite for me. No it’s not something that they come out with every late August/early September. This mask is offered year round by the brand.

Yes, this mask smells so good that you want to take a little taste of it. It also leaves my face very hydrated and refreshed. If you are a pumpkin lover, then this is one of my must try hydrating face masks. It is good for all skin types.

Hey Honey

Not everyone likes to have a complicated skin care routine. If that is you, then this is a line you need to try for yourself. I love their motto. “Real life can be complicated and hectic. Your skincare shouldn’t be.” The main ingredients that the Founder, Katerina Yoffee-Larden, bases her formulas from are hone and propolis. Honey is known for its healing powers and propolis is know for its antiseptic and healing powers. What a duo.

The Sweet Treat mask which is made from Wild Berry, Honey and Yogurt is just that a sweet treat for your face. It smells so good you could eat it. This hydrating mask leaves my face so soft and vibrant after relaxing with it on for 15 minutes.

The Show Your Glow Mask which is made from Colloidal gold and honey truly goes on the skin with a gold cast to it. You have a shimmery glow while it is dong its work. I find this mask to be very calming for my skin. Sometimes when I eat things that bother my stomach I can tell thru my skin and this is one that I reach for. It leaves it feeling soft and hydrated.

The next mask by Hey Honey that I am planning to try is the Look Into My Eyes Retinal and Propolis Eye Mask. This anti-aging eye treatment that you leave on overnight helps brighten the under eye area and reduce dark circles.


We like the effects of superfoods when we eat and drink them so why not use them on our skin. LOLI which stands for Living Organic Loving Ingredients is all about stirring things up in the beauty industry. So these food grade masks are powders. Yes, you are going to mix them with water so that they can work their superfood magic on your skin. I also recommend adding a little of the Plum Elixir to these so that they are hydrating as well. So let’s see what we are going to mix up.

Matcha Coconut Paste is a treat for anyone who loves a good matcha latte. Yes, this mask is all about green tea detoxification for your skin. Brighter and happier skin after this treatment.

Purple Corn Grains is a smoothing and perfecting scrub. It is a very gentle scrub that leaves my skin feeling very refreshed. The addition of the Plum Elixir makes it so that my skin feels very soft and extremely clean after this treatment.

Telluride Glow

Telluride Glow was born because a woman who loved living in the mountains of Telluride, Colorado at 9,000 feet several months of the year could not find a skincare line that could address her skin issues. Living so close to the sun and in such dry air took a toll on her skin. She started by making elixirs for herself and friends from the wildflowers that grew on the mountainsides. Once they started seeing glowing results, she started working with specialized chemists and Telluride Glow was born.

This line is made in small batches from high-altitude botanicals and adaptogens and is available only online. The products are very potent so it only takes a small amount to be very effective. The Snow Rose Recovery Mask gently exfoliates my skin and leaves it so soft and dewy. I love to do this in the evening and use it on my decollete and the backs of my hands. Gently take it off with warm water in the shower and then put a few drops of the Purist Delicate Skin Serum and my skin is just so refreshed and glowing the next morning.

You can use code GLOWBETH for 20% off your order from Telluride Glow.


Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read about some of my favorite masks and my masking routine. Please let me know if you have any clean beauty hydrating face masks that you love. I’m always on the lookout for new products to try.

Remember to always have a little SASs in your day!


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  1. Jodie Filogomo says:

    I’ll have to try that Hey Honey. The tagline is fabulous and I love the idea of the gold in it. I’ve heard great things about gold in our skincare.

    1. I really like the masks that I have tried. Honey is such a good natural skincare ingredient.

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