How to Wear Metallic Shoes: Great on Petite Feet

brunette woman wearing a black off the shoulder top and an orange red wrap midi skirt, and gold sandals walking down white stone stairs, how to wear metallic shoes

When it comes to how to wear metallic shoes, you have so many options. They are a neutral shoe and once you read these tips for wearing them you will agree with me that they need to be in every woman’s closet. Including yours. Some people may say that they are a trend this season. Actually, they are always around year in and year out. In some seasons you may see more options than others.

Metallic shoes come in all sorts of styles and colorways. Gold, silver, and bronze are the most common. They are the ones that are going to act as neutrals in your wardrobe. You can also find colored metallics. They look best with an outfit in a complementary color or toned-down look.

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woman walking down white granite stairs wearing an orange skirt and gold sandals, how to wear metallic shoes
This is a pair of gold sandals that have been in my closet for at least 3 years.

Metallic Shoes Are Your Closet’s Unsung Hero

Gold, silver, and bronze are the metallic colors that you are going to find season after season. A classic shoe in any of the three colors is something that you can wear in oh so many ways for many years. You may want to really look at your wardrobe to see which of those colorways would work with more pieces.

I will be honest. I have gold and silver shoes. For my wardrobe and skin tone, my gold shoes get a lot more wear than my silver. Just so you know, you can mix your metals when getting dressed. Just because all of your jewelry is silver, don’t think that you can’t put on a great pair of gold shoes. You just have to play with the look or go with a shoe like this or this that mixes the metals for you.

When and Where Do You Wear Metallic Shoes

You can wear metallics day or night. They will mix with everything from shorts to jeans to slacks to dresses. It just depends upon the style of the metallic shoe. Metallic shoes can be very casual to very blingy and dressy.

What I will caution you about as you shop for metallic shoes is the tone of the color. Some metallics will be very bright and harsh while others are softer colors. Just so that you don’t get a surprise when you order something. Personally, I prefer a more muted metallic finish, but you have to wear what matches your style and style personality. So let’s look at some great shoes for different times of day and events.

Day/Day to Night Shoes

When I think of metallic shoes for daytime I immediately think of my metallic flat sandals. There are two classic, casual flip flop type of sandals that have been in my closet for years. I love this classic style that has been around since the 1960s and this style that has also been around for many years. I wear them with shorts, skirts, and sundresses all summer long. This flat sandal is a bit dressier and looks fabulous with sundresses.

Heeled sandals also work great in the summer. You can pair them with slacks for the office, jeans and a great top for a night out, and all types of dresses. I always call these my day to night shoes. There is nothing like a comfortable pair of gold block-heeled or gold kitten-heeled sandals for summertime and early fall.

Cool Weather Metallic Day/Day to Night Shoes

There are always cute options to wear in the cooler months if we are in the mood for a little sparkle on our feet. It’s fun to pop on a pair of metallic loafers, ballerina flats, or mules to perk up a pair of jeans and a top. In the cooler months, you can easily wear any of the three most common colors of metallics….silver, gold, or bronze.

Metallic Shoes For Evening or Formal Events

I love a beautiful sparkle for evening. There are a couple of brands that I gravitate to for overall look and comfort: Loeffler Randall and Sarah Flint. They are on the pricier side, but their shoes are designed by women for women so comfort is a focus for the brand. I love this slide for an evening event or this pump is just so beautiful and unique. Both are styles that you would wear for many years to come. If you prefer something with a closed toe and lower heel this style would be a classic to have in the closet.

Another brand that makes really comfortable pumps and flats for women is Ally Shoes. One of the nice things about this brand is that they offer multiple widths as well. You can use code Beth10 for 10% off your first order. They have a great 3″ classic pump, a block heel pump, and a low block heel pump. All styles are offered in metallic finishes.

Metallic Sneakers

brunette woman wearing an olive green midi skirt with a white top and gold metallic sneakers showing how to wear metallic shoes

Ok, we are going to talk about the most comfortable category of metallic shoes that you can own. Sneakers. I love my metallic sneakers. They are so fun to wear with EVERYTHING in my closet. The gold sneakers that I have on in the photo above have been in my closet for a few years. I wear them with shorts, skirts, dresses, and jeans. Metallic sneakers are great to travel with because they will go with so many things that you pack. Now if you don’t think that a full-on metallic sneaker is for you, then I like and wear this white sneaker that has the best bronzey gold trim on the side. Trust me, once you have a fun pair of metallic sneakers in your closet you will reach for them a lot.


Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post. I genuinely appreciate every read, share, and follow. I hope you now feel comfortable with how to wear metallic shoes in your everyday life or on special occasions. Bring those metallics to the front of your closet and enjoy wearing them.

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