May Is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Skin Cancer Awareness Month – something that didn’t exist when most of us were growing up. Actually I don’t really remember my parents using much sunscreen on me when I was a child growing up in the Midwest. Every once in a while we would go to a local lake and I remember them breaking out the Coppertone. Reapply after getting out of the water? Don’t remember that either. It wasn’t their fault, we just didn’t know better.

Today sunscreen takes on a whole new dimension. It is in makeup products, lip protection, and even in clothing. Even though I wear a tinted moisturizer every day that has SPF in it, I still put a layer of it on before applying my makeup.

There are three sunscreens that I keep in my arsenal all of the time, not just summertime. One of the best pieces of advice that I have ever been given about sunscreen from a stylist/makeup artist is this.

If you are going to be in the car driving (commuting) you should apply not 1 but 2 coats of sunscreen on your left side. The back of your hands gets the same treatment as well. I even take it a step further and use sunscreen on my decollate daily. We can get a lot of sun thru the windows and windshield without realizing it.

Here are my favorites to keep on hand.

PCA skin protecting hydrator broad spectrum spf 30. I like to use this if it is an overcast day or if I am not going to be out and about a lot. Goes on wonderfully under makeup.

SkinCeuticals Sheer Physical UV Defense Broad Spectrum SPF50. This is what I use daily come summertime in the south. Yes it works beautifully under my makeup as well. I also use this at the beach or out by the pool. SkinCeuticals has a wonderful line of sunscreens that will fit any and all needs you many have.

CeraVe Hydrating Sunscreen. This comes in SPF 30 or 50. This is what I like to use on my decollate and the backs of my hands. I use their regular lotions daily on my body and I took my dermatologist’s advice and tried this a couple of years ago when they came out with it.

Hope you will join me in protecting your skin from harmful UV rays not only during Skin Cancer Awareness month, but 365 days a year.


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