Gym Bag Essentials: 10 Things I Keep In My Big Bag

woman over 50 sitting in the floor near gym bags that hold all of her gym bag essentials for a good workout

Gym bag essentials list just keeps growing as I age for some reason.  I am quite the “gym bag lady” when I leave early in the mornings. What I have learned over the years is to keep it packed at all times.  Every day when I leave I actually have four bags, not just one.  My habit when I get home is take out what needs to be cleaned or refilled and repack immediately. That ensures I don’t forget the things that I need to have a great workout.  I know what I need and use regularly thru trial and error with my fitness journey.  You can read all about my journey in this post.

Why four bags.  Well, they all serve a purpose and two of them fit inside my big bag.  I just end up carrying my big bag and my small cooler bag.  Not to worry I’m going to break it down as to what gym bag essentials I keep in each one and why.

woman over 50 sitting among 3 different types of gym bags that hold all of her gym bag essentials for a good workout

Gym Bag Essentials:  My BIG Bag

First thing first we all need a good, big gym bag that has lots of pockets and places to stash things.  I’m fortunate that I get to come home and get ready for my day so we are just going to talk about things that I have learned to keep with me at all times to ensure a good workout.

Here’s All of My Gym Bag Essentials

Deodorant.  Never know when you may have forgotten on your way out the door.  You don’t want to be THAT person at they gym.

Water Bottle.  I always use this stainless steel water bottle for the gym.  It has my special gym water in it.  I never work out without my BCAAs. I have been using this brand for eight years now and you can use my code BETH20 for 20% off your order any time.  Click here for  what will soon be your favorite gym water.  All of Nubreed Nutrition flavors are so tasty.  Trust me you will finish this bottle with no problems during your workout.

Gloves/Lifting Straps.  Yes, I wear gloves every time I lift weights.  It keeps my hands from getting any calluses and also it feels more sanitary to me.  The lifting straps are a must for certain exercises.  Helps me lift a little more weight and takes the strain off of my hands.  Just and FYI, I have had my lifting straps for forever.  I just wash them every so often.  The gloves have to be replaced every couple of years even though I was them.  I have worn this brand for about 10 years now and always repurchase them.

Earbuds.  These are a MUST for me.  My workout time is my me time.  I listen to what makes me happy and keeps me motivated.  I think it also deters people from talking to you if you have them in.

Lip Balm.  This is my holy grail of lip balms.  If you are a cardio junkie it is definitely a must have because you can’t lick it off.  It is nice and think and lasts thru your workout with no problems.  Again, it has been a gym bag essential for about eight years when I was doing lots of cardio getting ready for figure competition.

Lock.  Don’t want our things taken while we are working out.

Gym Bag Freshener.  These are the easiest things to throw in your bag and keep it smelling fresh.  Easy to use and no mess.

Bags I Keep Inside My Big Bag

My Personal Belongings Bag.  This little belt bag is a lifesaver.  It holds my keys, ID, and phone.  Why take a handbag into the gym when this is all you really need.  On days that I’m making a stop after the gym I add a credit card and I’m good to go.

My Workout Accessories Bag.  Yep, I like to take some of my own things with me.  Let’s face it.  Gyms are more sanitary now than they ever have been, but still.   Some things like bands and collars I just prefer to have my own.  I also keep my Orb in there for my post workout stretch.  This little tool does wonders for your glutes.

woman over 50 sitting in the floor among 3 gym bags that hold all of her gym bag essentials holding an Orb massage ball

My Igloo Cooler Bag:  Gym Bag Essentials Post Workout

Yes, I take a cooler bag with me.  Actually this bag goes many places with me.  It’s the perfect size for my post workout shake or I take it with me when I am out and about running errands.  It will hold a lunch as well.

I have been drinking the same post workout shake for years now.  Not only does it take care of my hunger pains by the time I finish working out, but it also helps with recovery.  All you need is 4 ingredients to go into your shaker bottle.  ALRI Humapro protein powder, L Glutamine powder (1 tspn.), 4 ounces of grapefruit juice, and 10 ounces of water.

Keep Moving

No matter what you choose to do, just keep moving.  Whether you enjoy weightlifting, group fitness classes, yoga, pilates…..just keep moving.  My attitude is that I am grateful that my body can move so it is my job to keep it moving.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  I really appreciate it if you have made all of the way to this point.  Just a reminder…

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  1. Sounds like you’ve got everything you need in that bag! Love the idea of a couple of bags in your one big bag. Grab and go!

  2. jodie filogomo says:

    I may have to try that orb…I’ve been rolling on our foam roller but sometimes it’s nice to have something smaller.

    1. Exactly. It gets those areas that you can’t really hit like your glutes, your pecs, and just above the inside section of your knee. It’s also great against the wall for your shoulders (you know that area near your scapula). My old massage therapist had me to get it.

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