3 Fun Ways to Get Your Cardio Workout In With Friends

group of midlife women taking a yoga class that includes a cardio workout

A good cardio workout doesn’t have to be boring or done alone.  I actually dread doing cardio at the gym on the treadmill, bike, or stair stepper.  To me, that amount of time is torture and I am constantly looking at my watch.  The time can’t speed by fast enough.

I much prefer a good HIIT workout or plyometrics.  Time flies when I’m working fast and have variations in my moves.  My fitness journey has helped me figure out what I like to do and what is the most effective for my body.  You can read about that journey here.

The other thing that makes the time fly is when I am doing a fun workout with my workout besties.  I know my workout besties from the gym.  We used to see one another at the gym all of the time and struck up a friendship from there.  It is the commonality that our friendship is based upon; however, we have many other things in common.  Now, all of us go to different gyms but that doesn’t keep up from getting together every so often to get a workout in.

I told them that I was going to write this post and they were up for any type of challenging workout that I came up with for us to do as a group.  So the photos are from our first cardio workout together for this year.  Trust me it was fun and a challenge for all of us.

3 midlife women doing a yoga class for a cardio workout

Fitness Dance Classes for Cardio Workout

Living in suburban Atlanta lends itself to all sort of workout studios.  Fitness dance studios are a fun find no matter where you live.  What woman doesn’t like to dance.  So many of us grew up taking one type of dance or another so it can bring back fun childhood memories.

We chose to go to Motus which is known for it’s dance|yoga|fitness classes.  You can find out more about the studio by clicking here.  The class that intrigued us for this outing was the Buti yoga class.  A yoga class that was a cardio workout?  Sign us up.  Yes, we all like to do yoga for our health as well as cardio.

The class did not disappoint.  We got an amazing stretch in, our heart rates were elevated, and we had fun doing it.  It was great sequencing so that there were HIITs included and some plyometrics.  Every body part from head to toe was addressed during this 1 hour workout.

This studio offers everything from tap, ballet, modern, and bollywood.  Something for everyone that wants to get in a cardio workout while having fun.

Motus instructor @michellefahoome is on the left.  Me with my two workout besties.

Pole Dancing Classes for a Cardio Workout

Remember this is something that I am suggesting that you do with your friends.  The purpose of this is not only to get a good workout in, but something that all of you can have fun with and laugh about for many years to come.

Yes, pole dancing classes are a great workout.  I have been looking for a studio for the three of us to go to that has classes that work with our busy schedule.   Many times they include all sorts of hoop work and aerial work so it is an amazing core workout too.

Fun Outdoor Workouts With Friends

Sometimes the simplest of activities can really get our heart rate up and we can have fun.  Here are a list of things that they girls and I came up with that would be fun to do together and that you could do by yourself.

  • Roller skating or Roller blading.  Not only a good cardio, but great for the core and glutes.
  • Jump Rope.  This is a favorite of mine.  It can be a full body workout and such good HIIT cardio.  Grad your jump ropes and meet at the park.
  • Hula Hooping.  They now make these things weighted and boy can they be effective.  There are even classes you can take for this or meet at someone’s house and challenge one another.
  • Riding a bike.  If you live close enough to your besties then it’s easy.  The other option is to load up the bikes and go for a group ride.
  • Pickleball or Tennis.  Pickle ball classes have been advertised everywhere around here lately.  Why not learn something new.

Our heart health is so important.  February is known as Go Red for Women month.  The American Heart Association has so many great resources on their sight about women’s heart health.  This isn’t the only month that we should be concerned about our heart health, but it is a good month to start a new habit of two that will help take care of your heart.  Check out their site and I hope this post gave you some fun ideas about how to have fun and get in a good cardio workout.

Thank You

As always, I really appreciate you taking the time to read my posts.  Today’s topic is one that is near and dear to my heart.  If you read about my fitness journey, then you know that it wasn’t such a big part of my life until I was in my 40s.  Now in my 50s I can truly say that I am in the best shape that I have ever been in and I hope and pray that continues for many more years.  Hope this inspires you somehow to take care of your body and your mind.

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  1. jodie filogomo says:

    I always think a class is the best way to get more involved in the workout and make it more fun. I’ve been a fan of them since my 20’s but we’ve only gotten into them again lately.

    1. I LOVE a good yoga class or dance class, but beyond that I like to stick to my weights. They are a great motivator for so many people. Plus it’s a great way to spend time with friends or meet people.

  2. I’ve been running with friends for the past couple of years. We all say that it’s more for therapy than for exercise!! I used to love fitness classes but need to work out at home these days. If you have any video/streaming suggestions, let me know!

    1. Nipa, yes doing things for friends does have the added benefit of girlfriend time therapy. Unfortunately, I am not a home workout person. I am kind of a “gym rat” actually. I would just search on YouTube. I know that people find great videos on there.

  3. This class looks like so much fun, and going with workout buddies takes it to another level.
    And, those are great ideas for fun cardio workouts.

    1. Oh working out with friends does take it to another level. I typcially work out alone when I lift and do sauna workouts so this type of thing is a real treat.

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