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Midweek Meander #19: Scents of the Season

woman over 50 standing in a kitchen with elbows on the countertop holding a fall themed coffee mug and smelling the scents of the season, pumpkin apple muffins and mums

Scents of the season…can’t you just smell fall in the air.  As I was thinking about this the other day I realized that we equate the arrival of fall with so many scents and smells.  Whether it is the nip in the air, the smell of comfort food cooking in the slow cooker, or a lovely scented candle.  We really identify so many different scents with this season and they conjure up so many memories.  Come to find out this is quite true and this article from the Washington Post explains it beautifully.woman over 50 standing in front of a kitchen countertop holding a fall themed coffee mug and enjoying scents of the season, pumpkin apple muffins and fresh mums

Cake stand | Towels | Coffee Mug | Tee | Apron

So, what’s your favorite scent of the season?  I must say that I love the smell of something fall flavored baking in the oven.  Next would have to be a great soothing candle for me.  As you can see on the cake stand, healthy pumpkin muffins are already in rotation for my snacks.  I thought I would share the three things that I can’t wait to whip up in the kitchen this fall.

Scents of the Season from My Kitchen

As many of you know, I love to cook.  Mark loves to eat most of the things that I cook.  Sometimes some items are just for me.  Can you believe that he doesn’t eat pumpkin in any shape or form?  Anyways, here are three things that are on my radar to make this week as the weather starts to turn and we feel the nip in the air.  Thought you might want to add some of the ingredients to your grocery list for the weekend.  These recipes are linked back to some of my favorite food bloggers. Just click on the underlined link and you will get to see beautiful photos of all of these recipes.

Vegan Pumpkin Apple Muffins – I have been making these vegan muffins for several years now and can’t wait to bring them out for my snack rotation every fall.  They are moistest muffins that you will ever eat.  I promise that no one in your family will ever know that they are vegan.

Roasted Honey Nut Squash with Maple and Pecans – As many of you know I try to eat an anti inflammatory diet so squash recipes are always on my radar screen.  What is not to love about a tasty squash that has maple syrup and pecans.  Almost sounds like dessert.

Cider Braised Pot Roast with Caramelized Onions and Cauliflower Rice – We love a good pot roast and I have been so ready to make this one again.  You could do mashed potatoes, but why not do the cauliflower rice, get in a little extra fiber, and save the carbs to a sweet treat.  There are so many tasty ones this time of year with pumpkin everywhere.

Coffee or Tea – Which Scent is for You

Coffee mug | Coffee mug on coffee maker

I LOVE the smell of coffee especially on a cool or cold morning.  Unfortunately, it does not love me.  I recently discovered Teeccino.  They have an amazing line of herbal teas that smell and taste like coffee.  I have figured out the the dandelion teas are actually the best for my tummy.  When I make a cup of the dark roast dandelion tea it smells and tastes like a good cup of coffee to me with no caffeine.  Yes you heard me no caffeine.  The herbal mix gives you that little boost just like caffeine without the inflammation effect.  The other flavor that I am so in love with is the dandelion red chai tea.  It just smells like cool weather with its spice blend.  Let me know if you try them as a coffee/caffeine alternative.

Don’t Forget It’s Apple Season Too

Oh, we can’t forget that it’s also apple season here.  I’m actually planning a little day trip up to the mountains with one of my friends next month.  I can’t wait to make this Cinnamon Apple Raisin Yogurt bowl recipe for breakfast.  You can read about some of my favorite healthy apple recipes in this blog post.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.  I really appreciate it.  Let me know what scents you associate most with fall by dropping a comment below.  Would love to know what you like most about this time of the year.  I’ve rounded up some of my favorite scents of the season for you below.  Just keep on scrolling to see photos of everything.

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    1. I can’t wait to make the recipe again. Nothing like a good pot roast on a cool evening. Makes for great leftovers too.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy the recipes. Some of my fall favorites.

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