Midweek Meander #9 May Flowers

woman over 50 wearing a green shirt holding a bouquet of May flowers

May Flowers.  Oh my, it has been a while since I have reached out on a Wednesday.  I think the last time I sat down and wrote about things on my radar screen I was talking about new recipes to keep my tummy happy and healthy in February.  Life is finally getting back to a normal schedule after the move and it feels oh so good.  More on that in a future post.  Let’s talk about flowers today.

Where I Plan to Visit May Flowers

The month of May is here and all of the flowers are starting to show their pretty faces.   Since I don’t have any to look out the window at this season, I have decided that I will just have to have them in the house more frequently.  There is a flower shop just around the corner from where we are living.  I can actually walk there and have a feeling that they will get to know me well while we are at this address.  Now that life is a bit simpler I also have a field “field trips” planned to see some beautiful blossoms around town.  I have only been to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens a few times and the other two have been on my radar for a while but just never got on the schedule.  My outing plans include:

If there’s a good exhibit up at The Biltmore, then I might have to gather friends for a little road trip.  Always a fun place to escape to for a couple of days and it’s not that far of a drive.  Do you know any other spots in the Atlanta area for seeing beautiful blossoms and blooms?  Please drop me a comment at the bottom of the page.  I love hearing from you.

woman over 50 wearing a green shirt sniffing a boquet of May flowers

Can you tell that I’m not the only one that enjoys having May flowers in the house?  Actually, Fluff likes to give all flowers a good sniff.  He doesn’t like to pose for photos, but I caught him getting a good sniff when I brought these into the kitchen.

long haired white cat sniffing a bouquet of May flowers


In the meantime, I will just have to look at spring blossoms and blooms around the house, on the tabletops, or in the closet.  Here are a few things that have caught my eye recently.

Remember you can click on any of the small photos in the slider above. You can find out more information about the products in the collage and purchase them.  Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post.  Trust me, it feels so good to be back at the keyboard.

Remember to have a little SASs in your day today.


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  1. KAAN AYDIN says:

    Flowers, very beautiful creatures, are reborn as people look and smell. I really liked the photo of your cat sniffing the flowers in the vase. I realized that animals other than humans can communicate with plants. I recommend it for more beautiful botanical gardens, there are beautiful botanical gardens in Atlanta or I have visited many of them in a few states nearby and I liked it very much I recommend you go there. I am an individual who loves flowers like you, we have one more common side with you, this is a good news, I wish you healthy days.🌸❤💐🏵

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