Midweek Meander No. 2

It’s time for another midweek meander.  I am sharing a few tweaks that I recently made in my life this week.  Six months ago I had all of my hormones tested.  Turns out that my bad estrogen levels were on the high end of normal.  Did you know that we have a “bad estrogen” in our bodies, I didn’t.

My doctor takes a very natural holistic approach to fixing many issues.  Her first suggestion was that I no longer drink out of plastic.  She then took it another step, no storing or reheating food in plastic of any sort.  The final thing was to add more cruciferous veggies to my diet.

I now carry a stainless steel mug or bottle everywhere I go.  At home, only glass to drink out of.  I already used glass for storing and reheating.  The next thing to tackle was finding something to easily store snacks in when I am out and about.

Stasher Bags.  OMG, these little things are great.  It’s just like a baggie, but made of silicone so they can go in the dishwasher and are reusable.  Can’t wait to get more in different sizes.  Here’s a link to their story. https://www.stasherbag.com/pages/about

Glass drinking straws.  I drink a smoothie at some point in time every day.  My glass straw in now in my glass glass every day. They came with a great little cleaning brush too.  I usually put them in the dishwasher and they come out clean and sparkly, but sometimes a little fruit gets stuck in there.

Silicone kitchen sponge.  The hunt for an alternative to the kitchen sink sponge was my next item.  I dislike them for the germ and bacteria factor and my husband loves to use them.  This little find makes both of us happy.

Happy Wednesday!

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