Faux Houseplants That Look Oh So Real

woman wearing a pink and yellow buttondown shirt smelling yellow flowers from a hanging vine faux houseplants can look as real as these flowers

I will be the first to admit that I don’t do well with indoor plants. Love to have fresh cut flowers on my desk while I work and in my kitchen near the sink. However, the rest of the house always has faux houseplants.

I also love having plants of all sorts outdoors. It can be containers on a porch, annuals, and perennial flower beds, or shrubs. For me, it is easier to have them outdoors than in. You can set timers to come on for watering, plant them in the right spot for proper sunlight and let them be happy. Whereas, I find indoor plants to be trickier.

The other thing about real indoor plants is the indoor cat factor at our home. Fluff and Wally are always curious about everything. I could just see their white paws digging in the dirt and tracking it everywhere. Sometimes it’s hard enough to keep Fluff away from the fresh cut flowers.

Just in case you are wondering about any of your indoor plants and your pets. Here’s a thorough list of houseplants that are not good to have if you have pets.

So before we talk more about faux houseplants here are a couple of other gardening and home posts that I have written that you might like.

Let’s Find Plants That Look Real, But Aren’t

Yes, there are fake houseplants and then there are good fake houseplants. We want to have the ones that people ask us about our “green thumb” and how we keep things looking so good all of the time. You know those visitors to your home. Always curious as to why things look so good. Well, today I am going to help you figure out what to look for when it comes to faux houseplants and how to keep them looking so good and fresh in you home.

What Should I Look For When Buying Fake Plants

The main thing that you want to look for in a fake plant is that it truly mimics a real plant. So if there is a plant that you like, look up pictures of the plant and really look at the details. Once you have “the look” in mind, then you can start to look for a fake one that will look fabulous.

If you have a speicific spot in your home that needs a plant, look at the type of light the spot receives on a sunny day. Look for a plant that needs that type of sun exposure. That way it will look more authentic to the spot in your home. For example, you don’t want to stick a fake plant that looks like something that needs full sunlight into a dark room with few windows. Immediate giveaway that it is not real.

You also want to make sure the fake plants you buy don’t look too perfect. After all, no live plant is perfect. The color needs to look natural as well. Not too dark, not too light, and definitely not a solid color.

fake plants sitting in front of a window to look authentic
Fake plants sitting near a window look more authentic.

Which Fake Plants Look Most Real

If you think about plants this way, then you will figure out which ones look most realistic to you. What real plants look so good that they look fake? Succulents are a great example of this. So many times real succulents look fake because of their colors and textures. That is why they make great faux houseplants. Others that are really good are hanging and trailing plants. Think creeping Jenny. One of my favorites to put at the bottom of a big planter.

faux houseplants that look real
Photo courtesy of Pottery Barn: Love when plants come in multiple sizes

Best Places to Buy Fake Plants

Good news is that there are so many places online to find faux houseplants. Just figure out the plant you want/need and let your fingers do the searching. Some things to keep in mind is when buying is look at the shipping and return policy for retailers on these types of items. When it comes to those bigger plants you want to make sure that you can return them and not pay an arm and a leg to return them.


You can find pretty much anything on Amazon if you know what to search for. There is quite the selection of fake plants that look good on Amazon. The nice thing is that you can usually order and get them rather quickly if you are working on a project around the house. Whether you are looking for some small potted plants to fill in a corner, some hanging or trailing plants to add dimension to a pot, or a large Bird of Paradise Palm to anchor the corner of a room you can find it here.


Target is a great place to pick up small plants. They do a good job of having small plants in nice containers that you can use as an easy accessory in any room. They also have a good selection of seasonal plants like these tulips or this orchid. Also love this parsley to have out in the kitchen.

Nearly Natural

Nearly Natural has an amazing selection of plants that are designed by horticulturists. So, of course they are going to look real. They have something to fit every style and budget on their website.

They are a great source for something that you need for your home for year round or every major holiday. Yes, they have something for eavery season. Whether you are looking for a UV Resistant topiary for your front porch, a tall fiddle leaf, or a gorgeous container of flowers they will have something that you will love having in your home. They also have a great selection of individual stems if you are wanting to make an arrangement yourself.

Ballard Designs

Ballard Designs has been a go to for me for years. Living in Atlanta, I have gone to their stores before buying online became so popular. They have nice quality plants and always a nice celection of vases and containers so that you can complete the look of the area that you are decorating with faux houseplants.


Not only does Afloral have gorgeous premium floral stems, but they are also very concerned with the environment and sustainability. It is a woman-founded business that sources their products from unique and sustainable vendors.

Each season the team at Afloral creates a custom and seasonal collection of floral stems. They pride themselves in that the collection is one that you can’t find anywhere else. So if you are looking for budding branches and blooms for spring, fall foliage for cooler months, or unique high quality everyday botanicals they have something that you will enjoy in your home. Here are some of my favorites from them.

Best Fake Holiday Florals

When it comes to holiday florals there are specialty retailers that knock it out of the park in my opinion. I am not just talking about Christmas either. Think Easter, Fourth of July, Halloween, Thanksgiving. Whether you are looking for a Christmas tree or a wreath for the door, these retailers will always have a great selection.


Frontgate is definitely a luxury retailer. However, the quality of their products and the design elements are worth it in my opinion. So don’t think of them just as for the Christmas holidays. They will have things to choose from throughout the year. Thier outdoor botanicals selection has something for every season. I also love their faux plants that are made into napkin rings for a spring dinner party or Easter dinner.

The one thing that I really like about many of their products is that they are a larger scale. So if you have big front doors or large outdoor spaces, this is a good retailer to check out.

King of Christmas

King of Christmas always has a great selection of trees, wreaths and garlands for your holiday decor. They truly have a tree for every space. So many shapes and sizes to choose from.

How to Clean Faux Houseplants to Keep Them Looking Real

We may not have to water or trim our faux houseplants, but we do need to keep them clean. That way the true colors continue to shine through and look real. Here are some ways to clean your plants. The type of plant and the size of the leaves will determine which method will work best for keeping your plants looking their best. I have used all of these methods to keep mine healthy looking.

  • Use a damp cloth to wipe the leaves. Make sure the water is not too warm especially on silk plants. You don’t want the color to run.
  • You can use a paint brush to “dust” the leaves.
  • If it is a plant that trails, then you can use a squirt bottle filled with water. With this method I either place the plant in the shower or bath tub so that it can drip dry.
  • Silk plant cleaner. Many times the manufacturer of silk plants will also sell a cleaning spray. If you have invested in a beautiful silk plant, then you might want to get a bottle of their cleaner and follow their directions.

Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I hope that this helped you with your hunt for great looking faux houseplants. Remember fake plants can look just as good as real plants. They don’t need near as much TLC, but they do require a little cleaning from time to time.

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