Thoughtful Gifts to Have Delivered to A Friend

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Thoughtful Gifts to Have Delivered to a Friend

Don’t you just love the thought of putting a smile on a friend or loved one’s face. A surprise delivery will definitely do that. I know I love it when it happens to me so I’m sure that I’m not alone. Sending thoughtful gifts is now so easy to do.

Whether it’s a birthday surprise, a just because, feel better, or another special moment in someone’s life there’s something that we can have shipped to them. I have also put together gift suggestions for the man in your life who has everything here and for the gardeners in your life here.

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What can you have delivered besides flowers?

Don’t get me wrong. Flowers are always welcome on my doorstep. However, flowers don’t always feel just right. Maybe you just want to be more personal and creative. So let’s put a little thought process into what we can send besides a bouquet.

First of all I always think about what my recipient would love to have.

  • Are they a foodie?
  • Do they love to curl up with a good book?
  • Is pampering something they love?
  • Do they need a little pick me up?

Once I have those things narrowed down, then I can put a plan together for my search.

Gifts to Sent to a Foodie

When I had surgery recently some friends were so kind and sent me a fruit bouquet. They know that I love to eat fruit and then there were a couple of pieces of chocolate. I enjoyed it so much for days. Just keep in mind if your foodie friend has any food intolerances or allergies. Companies easily accommodate this.

The first company that comes to mind when I want to send a gift to a foodie friend is Harry & David. They always have a great selection, good quality, and a wide price range. Here are some of my favorites.

Thought Gifts For the Reader

Curling up with a good book is something that so many of us love to do. If so, then send them something that will encourage that. You may not know what new book to send to them, but some new teas to try and a cute mug make a great gift. Maybe some cozy socks or a throw would make their reading even more enjoyable. Amazon makes it so easy for us to combine items in boxes so that they will arrive at the same time. Here are some budget friendly items that you can combine.

Gifts for Someone That Needs a little TLC

Stress seems to be a part of our lives these days. Sometimes it is worse than other. Thoughtful gifts are always welcome during those time. Sending some a just because gift is one of the nicest things that we can do. Again, Amazon and Etsy can come to the rescue with some very reasonably priced items.

Things to Keep in Mind to Stay in Your Gift Budget

  • Is shipping extra?
  • Can a gift card be included? If so, is it an extra fee?
  • How long will it take to get there?

No worries if they can’t include a gift card. You usually get tacking information and know when it will be delivered. I love to give someone a heads up that a surprise will be on their doorstep that day via text or voicemail. Then they have the anticipation and something to look forward to.


Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by and read a little about gift giving. It is one of the love languages and something that I enjoy doing. Hope this helped give you a few ideas. Please tell me in the comments if there is a specific type of gift that you love to have delivered to friends. I am always looking for great ideas.

Remember to always have a little SASs in your life.


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  1. jodie filogomo says:

    These are fabulous ideas. We always love sending Edible Arrangements too.

    1. I know. I love sending and receiving gifts that are thoughtful and that someone can really enjoy.

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