5 Reasons You Should Make Time for A Hot Bath

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5 Reasons You Should Make Time for A Hot Bath

There is nothing better than ending the day with a good soak in a hot bath. It helps me quiet not only my body, but my mind as I get ready for bed. Surprisingly, there are many health benefits from making this part of your nighttime routine.

Now, I know that we don’t always have time to do this self care ritual every day. However, once you check out all of the benefits of a warm bath at night you may want to add this to your schedule at least a few nights a week. Even if you only experience one or two of these benefits it will be worth your time.

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Reasons to Make Time for Tub Time

Yes, we all live on this hamster wheel of life. Lots of time in front of screens which puts added strain on our eyes and our necks. Think of tub time as a way of ending your day and getting ready to really relax so that the next day you are refreshed and ready to tackle anything you need to. Here are six great not bath benefits for your health. Good for the body and the mind.

Hot Bath Creates a Slow Down Ritual

For some reason, going into the bathroom at the end of the day to turn on the bath water signals the brain to go into a more relaxed state. You can light a relaxing candle or dim the lights to set the tone. While you are letting the water run you can put on a face mask and really give yourself a treat. I have an entire post dedicated to great hydrating face masks that you can read here. By the time the face mask is ready to come off, your bath should be ready to slip into.

Muscles and Joints Receive Some TLC

Whether you are a person who has sore and achey muscles from working out or working at a desk in front of a screen all day a hot bath can soothe those pains away. The warm water releases tension from the muscles and loosens any spasms that you may have. Adding in some Epsom salt can also make a bath even more effective.

Bath Time Helps Your Sleep Better

Not only does the warm water help you fall asleep, it can also help you sleep better all night long. The warm water helps to lower your body’s core temperature. That lowering signals to the body that it is time to go to sleep.

Soothe Irritated Skin With a Bath

I think that one of the best parts of a bath ritual is the options that you have to put in your bath. You can add oils, epsom salts, dead sea salts, bath bombs, or even bubbles. It just depends upon what your skin needs. A combination of salts and oils is always my favorite. It seems to soften my skin and then once I finish I always add my favorite body lotion or oil before putting on my pajamas.

Burn a Few Extra Calories

Now I know this one catches everyone’s attention. Who doesn’t like to burn a few extra calories. When I saw this article on WebMD about is taking a bath as good as exercise I just couldn’t resist reading it and linking it here for you.

Apparently the good news from some studies shows that the passive heating from a hot bath can reduce your blood sugar levels slightly and burn some calories. Now to do so you do have to stay in the tub for quite some time. I don’t know about you but I’ll take any extra calorie burn I can get especially just before bedtime.

How to Draw An Amazing Bath

Now that we know all of these wonderful things that a hot bath can do for us, let’s make sure that it is a wonderful experience time after time. Some of the things that you are going to make sure you always have on hand for this are:

  • Candles with relaxing scents
  • Epsom Salts or Dead Sea Salts
  • Essential Oils
  • Bath Bombs or Bubble Bath
  • A Bath Pillow
  • Soft towels. My very favorite towels are by Muslin Comfort and you can use code SASFORSHORT for 22% off. They also make my favorite blanket. The muslin fabric is so soft and gets softer with each wash.
  • Body lotion or Oil. The Jojoba oil is my go to when the weather really gets cold and dry. Great on your feet too.
  • A great pair of beautiful pajamas. I love to wear cotton PJ by PrintFresh. They have the most amazing designs. Code SASFORSHORT get you 10% off.

Here are some of my favorite candles, salts, oils, bath bombs, and lotions. Can you see why I need lots of bathroom storage.


As always, thank for taking the time to stop by. I appreciate every read, share and pin. I hope that you will give tub time a try if you aren’t already a fan. Who knew there were so many healthy benefits from twenty minutes or so out of our evening.

Remember to always have a little SASS in your day!


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  1. Bath time is like luxury! Sadly we truly are on a hamster wheel. I love taking long baths- even if rarely take the time. . Gotta get back into it. I am loving all the products that go with the ritual. Putting them on my list to get!

    1. It really is. We should all just MAKE the time for it. We can still multi task and listen to a book or podcast if we need to.

  2. jodie filogomo says:

    We actually took the tub out of this house when we moved in. But I’ve never been a bath person. My mom is and she misses it greatly. But give me a hot tub any day!!

    1. I just find it so relaxing. I’m like your mom and would miss it greatly.

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