Midweek Meander #13: Random Things To Add to Cart

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Random things to add to cart really does describe life lately.   When I first thought of doing this every Wednesday, my goal was to tell you about three things that were on my mind, that I had recently purchased, or for some reason I felt the need to purchase.  So today is going to be short and sweet and I will let you know about 3 random things that have been on my radar screen lately.

Random Things To Add to Cart:  My Life Lately

The first thing is this Thumbby Massage tool.  I have been seeing the chiropractor lately and he suggested it.   My right shoulder is always tight and has its issues.  The move just seemed to make it worse.  He told me about this little guy and I am sooo glad that I came home and added it to cart.  It adheres to the wall and doesn’t leave marks.  Once you get it on the right spot on the wall and find the exact spot that is bothering you the magic of the Thummby starts working.   Here are some tips about lactic acid build and how to manage it.  Trust me, if you have some of those spots this will become your BFF.

Well, I decided that it was time to get a belt bag.  Taking my handbag and ALL of its contents to the gym and leaving it in my locker is not something I like to do.  Also, leaving it locked in my trunk is also not an option.   Just as easy to get things taken.  So my solution was to get a belt bag so that I can keep my phone, keys, driver’s license and a card with me.  Do you really need much more than that to make a quick stop at the grocery?  It will also come in handy for going to the farmer’s market.  This one by Lululemon fits the bill and comes in so many colors.

Last but not least for this week, it was time to replace my favorite candle by Maison Loius Marie.  Wally and I like to “work together” in my office.  A candle going and focus music from the Headsapce app playing in the background is our scene.  I can focus on whatever I’m doing and he focuses on a good nap.  This scent and it truly is heavenly and not overbearing. Can’t wait for UPS to deliver the new one.

Well this was a round up of very random things to add to cart this week.  Kind of tells you about my life lately.  I’ve been all over the place.  Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to ready this week’s meander.  If you didn’t catch the last one on my favorite kitchen gadgets, here it is.  Until next week….. remember to always have a little SASs in your day.




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  1. Thank you for this information, this information makes many things easier in life. I save most of the information you have given us one by one and it helps me in many issues in my life, thanks again, much love, dear beth.💖

  2. jodie filogomo says:

    I can’t believe how much I’ve been using a belt bag Beth!! Who knew they would come in so handy, plus some are really cute. I wear mine when we go exploring for our blog photos many times,

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