Midweek Meander #12: Kitchen Gadgets

over 50 woman standing in a kitchen wearing an apron and holding kitchen gadgets

Kitchen gadgets, oh how I love you.  Turn me loose in an Williams Sonoma store and I can spend a good 30 minutes just looking at all of the gadgets to see if there is anything that I just “have to have”.

When  we moved recently my first room to get in order after the bathroom was the kitchen.  Actually I think I worked on them in tandem because I seem to be in the kitchen so often.  I am a firm believer in the fact that you have to have the right tools for every job and there are lots of jobs in my kitchen.

I thought I would share the kitchen gadgets that I reach for  most often in my kitchen and why.  Bear in mind that some of these are seasonal favorites.

over 50 woman standing in a kitchen holding kitchen gadgets and wearing an apron Apron/Earrings/Seafood Tweezers

Salt Box

I finally bought a salt box last year.  For years now I have always used various kinds of salt depending upon what I am cooking, but my most common are pink Himalayan Sea Salt and a coarse Kosher Salt.  I also keep a box of  Malden Sea Salts for finishing.  Now I keep the Himalayan salt and the coarse sea salt in my box all of the time and it is on the counter.  Makes it so much easier when I am reaching for a pinch of salt.  Here’s a good quick guide on how to store salt and why.

Magnetic Measuring Spoons

Ok, I must admit that I have more than one set of measuring spoons.  This magnetic set was a recent purchase.  I still had some old plastic ones that had served their purpose so these replaced them.  Plus I am trying to rid my kitchen of as much plastic as possible.

Why do I love these so much more than my others?  First of  all, I put them back together by size every time I get them out of the dishwasher so I am not digging in the drawer to find the right size.  The other biggie is that it includes a 3/4 tspn. and 1/2 Tbspn. measuring spoons.  For some reason I was always needing those amounts and would have to use a combination of measuring spoons.  This set makes it so much easier.

Meat Tenderizer

Just going to be honest here, it’s amazing that we don’t cluck in this household versus talk.  We eat a LOT of chicken breast.  I use a meat tenderizer to make sure that all of my chicken breasts are about the same thickness before cooking them.  This way they cook more evenly.  If you haven’t tried that trick, I highly recommend it.  Doesn’t matter if you are grilling, baking in the oven, or cooking in the air fryer they come out so much better.

Favorite Seasonal Kitchen Gadgets

Lemon Zester

Seems like I have been pulling out my lemon zester more frequently now that the weather is warmer.  Guess that more of my favorite recipes call for a little lemon zest in them and this grater just makes that so easy to do.

Berry Colinder

OK, I admit that I am a huge berry eater this time of year.  Strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries are almost always in my frig.  I usually toss a few of each in this little colinder spritz them with my favorite fruit and veggie cleaner and have a bowl as part of my post workout breakfast or as part of a snack.

Here are photos of ALL of my current favorite/most used  kitchen gadgets.  You can click on the teal links above or the photos below to get more information about each of them.  If you choose to purchase something from that link I may get a very small commission.  To shop this way costs you nothing, but just helps me keep this blog up and going.  Trust me, the commission are very tiny.


Big Kitchen Gadgets aka Small Appliances

Now that I am in a smaller kitchen, some of my small appliances are getting more use than before.  I no longer have a built in steamer and I only have one oven so I have had to change up the way I cook some things.  I also don’t have all of the convenient storage for some of my big things that I don’t use much so they are in storage.  Here are a few things that I reach for all of the time to keep my kitchen going and the types of food varied.  You can see that I added some of these once we moved.  You can read more about that in this midweek meander.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this.  I would love to know what your favorite kitchen gadgets are.  Please drop me a line in the comments section below.  As you can tell, kitchen gadgets are something that I love to shop for.  I am always up for trying new healthy recipes and methods of cooking.  Variety is the spice of life after all.

Remember to have a little SASs in your day.




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  1. This information is very meaningful and thank you for the special information, the most useful “spice boxes” in the kitchen, being according to the color of the spice provides convenience and prevents confusion

  2. jodie filogomo says:

    I think one thing we have been using more than we thought we would is our air fryer…granted ours is like a convection oven ,but it’s been great!!

    1. Totally agree. I bought mine a couple of years ago on Amazon Prime day and I use it all of the time. There are so many great recipes out there for it. So nice to have healthy crunch in the diet.

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