My Midweek Meander

Good morning, this is my first meander of the year.  Each Wednesday I plan to meander down different paths about life in general.  Stay tuned each week for a different topic or something fun I have explored and want to share.

This week I thought it would be appropriate to talk about 2019 goals.  To me personal goals are simply that, personal. Each of us have different things we want to improve upon, change, or stop doing because we are all unique.  This year I have written down the most comprehensive list of goals for myself that I can remember. I put in some measurements so that I can track my success or missteps.  We can’t always be perfect, you know.

Here’s how I broke out my goals for this year.  I segmented them into three categories….Personal, Business, and Fitness.

Personal Goals are many of the things that weigh on my heart.  It relates to my relationship with myself and with others.  Another segment of my personal goals is to fall back in love with reading.  I loved to read as a child and young adult, but have not made it a priority in my life again until recently and it has brought me so much enjoyment and relaxation.

Business Goals…oh there is so much in this category.  The first and most important was to get SASforshort officially launched.  That goal has been met and now to grow it and keep it humming along. I hope that you will join me as I share things about fashion, healthy lifestyle, and bits of my personal life each Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Fitness Goals have been a priority in my life the last 6-7 years.  Those who know me know I have been on quite the journey….body fat and weight loss, then muscle building phases, leaning myself out.  That cycle takes lots of focus and dedication. Now fitness is taking a little different turn. I will still train 4-5 days a week and push myself like nobody’s business , but there is a new focus on mental fitness.  I have recently made that a priority in my daily and weekly schedule. Stay tuned for updates on that journey as I explore new classes and experiences.

Here’s to a Happy and Healthy 2019!!!!  Enjoy your journey.

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