Petite Fashion Trends for Spring 2022

woman over 50 wearing a pink sweater and grey jeans lounging in a chair and reading a magazine about spring 2022 fashion trends

Spring 2022 is right around the corner and honestly I couldn’t be more ready for it.  Anyone else feeling the same?  I’m ready for sunny days and warmer temps so that outdoor time is an everyday type of thing again.  For some reason it seems like so many years we go straight from winter to summer temps here, but nonetheless we can all be dreaming and thinking about the cute things we might want to add to our wardrobes this spring.

It’s always nice to add a couple of pieces to update the things that we already have.  When I started reading about the spring 2022 fashion trends the first place that I go shopping is in my closet.  Since I love to buy classic pieces I just look to see what I can add to make things look current.

Being petite (I’m 5′ 1/2″) can make many trends quite tricky.  The other thing that I always factor in is that I am now midlife and what looks good on young, tall women isn’t necessarily a good thing for me and my body type.  No matter your age and body type, once you know what looks good on your body and you feel comfortable in, then you always look good because you feel good in your clothes.

So today I’m going to touch on some of the spring fashion trends and how they can work on a petite body.  I’m also going to highlight some of the trends that this body/body type will not be embracing this year and why.  As you can see in the photo I’m scratching my head about a few of them.

woman over 50 wearing a pink sweater and grey jeans lounging in a chair looking at an iPad for spring 2022 fashion trends

Spring 2022 Fashion Trends I Want to Embrace

  • Monochrome Dressing

This spring fashion trend is made for petites and my favorite.  Dressing all in once color is truly my favorite things to do .  Whether it is a solid colored dress or a column of color made up of a top and slacks/skirt.  This will always give you the illusion of a longer, leaner look and what shortie doesn’t love that idea.

  • Vibrant, saturated colors.

Just think about a box of crayons and all of those bright, beautiful colors that you used to love coloring with.  Well, this is the season to wear them.  Think pinks, purples, red, cobalt blue, kelley green, marigold yellow, yellow.  Now you may or may not feel comfortable wearing them next to your face, so think of other options such as a fun handbag, colored jeans, bright sandals.


  • Retro and Vintage Florals

I’m a sucker for a great ’50s dress style.  Some of the prints from the ’60s  can also be so much fun to wear.  When it comes to florals, I tend to stick with smaller florals just because a big print can overwhelm a small body.

Carlisle Collection Spring 2022 Collection.

  • Relaxed Denim

I’m not getting rid of all of my skinny jeans; however, I am ready to embrace a looser fitting style of jeans.  This past winter I bought a few pair of straight leg jeans and really like them.  I also love a good wide leg jean or  trouser which you are seeing.  Just make sure that they really fit you and you wear a heel with them.

  • Bright Handbags

It’s time to put those black, brown, and neutral handbags at the back of the closet.  This season is all about fun, colorful handbags.  If for any reason you don’t feel comfortable wearing bright colors this is your answer to adding that pop of color and looking on trend this season.  How can you not smile when you pick up your fun, colorful handbag.  It’s an instant mood booster.

Spring 2022  Fashion Trends that Are Not For Me

Platform/Chunky Shoes

Most likely if you are petite, then you also have petite feet.  Platform/chunky shoes can just be too heavy of a shoe and possibly make our feet look even smaller (shorter).  Try a show with a pointed toe and lower vamp and it will keep that long, lean look that we all want to achieve.


This isn’t the first season for this trend.  Some people may like to show some skin; however, cutouts at my midriff are not a look that I am going for at this stage in my life.  A little skin like the tops below might be a fun way if you want to embrace this trend.

Bra Tops

Small tops like this are cute on young petite frames.  How I would consider wearing this trend is by wearing a sheer top of some sort over it.  That could be fun.


Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post.  I really appreciate it.  Now if you are a petite and busty you will want to make sure you check out this post that I recently wrote about the best bras for us.  Even if you aren’t busty and petite, some of my favorite brands will make bras for you too.  When we are updating our wardrobes for the season it’s good to check and see if we need to update some of our lingerie at the same time.

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  1. Love all these trends! Right now I’m focusing on bright colors as I know that we still have a few more months of snow. Im definitely skipping bra tops and large cutouts!

    1. Yes, I’m loving all of the bright colors for this spring too. Totally agree you won’t find any bra tops or large cutouts in my shopping bags either. Can’t wait for warm spring days.

  2. jodie filogomo says:

    I do love the idea of the bright colors especially with purses.
    I’ve actually been intrigued with the cut outs…I may try it!!

    1. Yes to all of the bright colors. They are out there for everything from clothes to handbags to nail polishes. I think I could handle small cutouts, but some of them out there bare way to much skin for me. Can’t wait to see what you try and how you like them.

  3. These look like such fun trends- especially the bright colors for accessories. Dressing in monochrome/column of color continues to be one of my favorite looks.

    1. Yes. I’m loving all of the bright colors for spring. Monochrome dressing is one of my favorites too.

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