New Balance 327 Sneaker Review

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New Balance 327 sneakers have been having a moment for quite some time now. Many women love the retro chunky sneakers and “dad” sneakers. This petite, size 5 shoe-wearing woman did not immediately jump on the bandwagon. However……

If you are a regular reader or know me well, you know that I am a sneaker lover. I wear some sneaker style five out of seven days every week. I have my gym sneakers, my beloved white sneakers, and my fashion sneakers. So I finally broke down and thought I would see why so many women (most younger than me) loved this New Balance 327 for women so much.

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New Balance 327 Review

New Balance is a brand that I have worn for years. They make great cross trainers and running shoes for the gym. Many pairs have come into my closet over the years. They have always fit my size 5 feet comfortably for working out. So when I decided to add a pair of “sporty” fashion sneakers to my closet the New Balance 327 was a natural choice.

For reference, I wear a US size 5 shoe and would say that my feet are a narrow medium width. When it comes to my athletic sneakers I always size up because I like to have more room in the toe box for activity. However, when buying sneakers to wear outside of the gym I do not feel the need to do that. I like my sneakers to fit like my other shoes.


The New Balance 327 is a retro running shoe. For me, I was comfortable wearing them right out of the box for an extended amount of time. No breaking-in was needed. The footbed is very padded and the arch support is sufficient. It is a fashion sneaker I can easily look stylish in and walk 10,000+ steps a day.

A bonus for me when it comes to this style of shoe is the wedge silhouette. I am 5′ tall and any time I can find a shoe with a little extra height it makes me happy. I also think that the wedge helps with the comfort factor of the shoe. The other thing I like is that the shoe sole is wider at the heel. That design feature gives you even more stability.

Foot Appeal

Foot appeal is like curb appeal. How does this shoe look on the foot? The “chunky” appearance of many fashion sneakers is why I was not eager to bring a pair into my wardrobe. When you wear a size 5 shoe, the scale of the shoe can easily overwhelm your feet. Even though there is a degree of chunkiness to this shoe it narrows nicely at the toe box so it does not appear “chunky” on the foot.

Sizing Guide

The sizing on the New Balance 327 can get a little tricky and confusing. New Balance makes a 327 for men and a 327 for women. They also sell a men’s version as unisex. I would recommend sticking with the women’s version. That way there is no confusion about translating the size.

When I was ordering mine, I combed through reviews on multiple sites. I went to multiple sites because finding a pair of these sneakers in your size and the color you want can sometimes seem like “looking for a needle in a haystack”. They sell out so quickly.

After combing through all the reviews and knowing my history with other styles of New Balance sneakers I ordered my regular size. I know that I will always wear them with no-show socks. I have two thicknesses of no-show socks. This thinner style is what I prefer for warm weather when my feet can get hot and this style is for the rest of the year. The New Balance 327 sneaker fits great with either thickness of the sock. If you like to wear thick socks, then you might want to go up a half size.

Finding A Pair In Your Size

Now for finding a pair in your size and the color you want. Here are the best places to look for the latest color combinations of this fashion sneaker.

Here are some great color combinations of this retro-inspired fashion sneaker that should be in your closet. I am partial to a white or off-white sneaker for warm weather and like the idea of a black sneaker for colder months.

New Balance 327 Outfit Inspiration

I have tried this fashion sneaker with several scenarios in my closet. As a midlife petite woman wearing these sneakers with athleisure wear is how I feel most comfortable. Also, they work with some jeans or denim shorts for a casual look. All of these looks are petite-friendly pieces.

Thanks, Let’s Keep In Touch

Thanks so much for stopping by this post. I hope you got some answers about the New Balance 327 for women and some inspiration for wearing them. It took me a while to jump on this sneaker trend. However, I am glad I finally did. Sometimes we should step “outside our fashion box” and try new things. You never know what you may like.

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