Looking Great In A Tunic Top When You Are Petite

Looking Great In A Tunic Top When You Are Petite

Most women will say that one of their go-to styles of top in their wardrobe is a tunic top. Yes, a tunic top can be comfortable and flattering. However, when you are petite you do have to make sure that they are not too long or too flowy. That can equal frumpy which is not a look we are going for here on Serious About Styling.

Today I am going to break down how to make sure you look and feel great in a tunic top going forward. But before we dive into all of those specifics there are a few other posts you might want to check out.

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Yes, Petites Can Wear Tunic Tops

Tunic-style tops have been around since the 14th century. Over the years, there have been many iterations of this style. A tunic is a top that drapes down from your shoulders to below your hips but no longer than your knees. As petite, we just need to make sure that we have the right style of tunic for our body shape so that we don’t look shorter than we are.

Finding The Tunic Style for Your Body Shape

Just like any type of clothing, there are many types and styles of tunics. Once we break it down by which style looks best on your body type it will be easy for you to find a tunic top that is figure-flattering and that will help elongate your frame.

The number one thing that we have to keep in mind as petites is the length of the tunic. No matter which shape or style we wear it needs to be the correct length. The ideal length for a tunic for a petite woman is at the hip. If you find one that you love and it is longer than that, then have it hemmed. Sometimes just a small adjustment like that makes all the difference in the world on a shorter frame.

So let’s look at what type of details and styling you should look for in a tunic top by body type.

Pear Shape

A pear shape resembles the shape of a pear. You have a small waist and are bigger on the bottom. Here are a few details to look for when buying a tunic.

  • the top is more A-line in shape (mimics your shape)
  • make sure that it hits just below your widest body part
  • and has a neckline feature that draws the eye up to your face

This tunic with a ruffled neckline is a perfect example of a tunic that would look great on a pear shape. It also comes in a sleeveless version. Here are some great tunics for this body shape.

Inverted Triangle

Think of an upside-down triangle. Yes, your shoulders are wider than your slim hips. Things to consider are:

  • minimal detail at the neckline (don’t want to emphasize your shoulders)
  • horizontal lines or patterns are not your friend
  • look for a neckline that is open and some shaping at the waist area

This is a great casual tunic jacket that you can have as a layer for this fall and early winter. So great to toss on with a tee, pair of leggings, and sneakers. I also like this top for a casual fall weekend look or lounging around the house with leggings and slippers.


You’ve got curves in all of the right places. Your bust and hips are about equal and you have a defined waistline.

  • looks for tops with a nip in the waist (or you can have a simple dart put in a top)
  • try belting a tunic with a very thin belt

The top that I am wearing in this post is an example of one that works on an hourglass figure. It also comes in this beautiful fabric in florals. I like this blouse because I can also wear it tucked in if I want.

This quilted sweatshirt and this asymmetrical zip sweatshirt are great very casual options to wear with leggings in the fall and winter. Great everyday options if you need to be casual and cozy.


Yes, you are pretty much the same from top to bottom. Your shoulders, waist, and hips are all about the same. A tunic lover’s dream body type.

Just pick a tunic and go for it. Just remember that you need to make sure it hits at the hips or a flattering length on you. You don’t want it to be too long.

My Favorite Cozy Tunics That Are EcoFriendly

Even though I live in the south, cozy sweatshirts and tunics are in my closet. Dudley Stephens makes great eco-friendly styles that are always available in a wide variety of great colors each season. I am wearing the Park Slope turtleneck like a tunic. For my body, it comes down long enough that I consider it a tunic for me. They also have the Greenpoint which is the mid-length option and then they have the true tunic, the Cobble Hill.

One of the three lengths should work for petite bodies. It just depends upon your unique body and how long you need the tunic to be. I am short-waisted and have longer legs which is why the Park Slope works for my body. I find that they run true to size, so I wear an XS.

Best Bottoms to Wear with Your Tunics

When wearing a relaxed style top you should really keep the bottoms a little more fitted. So think tapered leg pants, straight leg pants, or pencil skirts. Another great look with tunic tops is leggings.

A great place to search for all of these bottom styles with a little “extra help” is the Spanx Perfect Collection and their denim. Their faux leather leggings are a winter staple with all of your tunics too. I love that they offer petite lengths in so many of their styles.

If you are a leggings lover, then these Runway leggings are so comfortable. Each year they make them in different colors along with the standard black. I like the look of the faux suede that they have done this year. I think my favorite color is grey. For me, they run true to size. I wear a 2P.

Shoe Styles to Wear With Your Tunics

Flats, sandals, wedges, and pumps are great styles to wear with a tunic and a fitted bottom. In the winter, think of a pair of boots. You can check out these posts about some of the best shoe styles for petite women that I have written.

Best Places to Shop For A Tunic

There are certain stores and websites where you can find tunics season after season. Some of these will have petite sizing as well. These are the ones that pop into my mind when looking for a tunic top.

Thanks, Let’s Keep In touch

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Updated September 2023.

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