Black and Tan for Fall – A Classic Color Combination

woman over 50 sitting on a brick ledge wearing tan pants a black sweater and a small scarf tied around her neck creating a great black and tan fall look

Black and tan is always classy and always in style for fall and winter.  One can never go wrong with great classic pieces in these colors.  Whether you are looking for casual or workwear pieces there are always plenty to choose from every year.

Just because they are classic wardrobe pieces doesn’t mean that they have to be boring.  Here are so ideas to help you refresh these wardrobe building block pieces in your closet.

woman over 50 walking down a sidewalk in a black and tan fall pant workwear look

Scarf | Sweater | Pants (similar) | Shoes

Your Black and Tan Inventory

  • Take an inventory of your black and tan basics.  Try them on and make sure that they are in good shape.  If not, donate them or toss them.
  • Make note of the necklines that you have for tops and the weight of the fabrics.  Are you missing a good black silk blouse or black cashmere sweater?  What about a short sleeved sweater for fall and spring?
  • Try on your black and tan pants/trousers.  Notice the waistlines and the taper/shape of the legs.  Do you need to add a great side zip pant or are you daring enough to try a different pant leg style such as a wide leg pant?

Ok, now that you have done these quick exercises it’s time to think about what you want to add to update your classic black and tan pieces for this fall.  One of my favorite books about dress all body types is The Science of Sexy by Bradley Bayou.  Here’s a great excerpt with good pointers in it.

Also, now that I have you digging thru your closet.  Take a look at this post to see some of the things that I can’t live without in mine and none of them are clothes.  Might help you get ready for this upcoming fall and winter season.  There’s some good stuff in there for your sweaters.

Shopping for Fall and Winter Classics

I have rounded up some great classic black and tan pieces for you.  Now that you know what you have and what you need to find to fill in the holes in your wardrobe, here’s some pieces in all price points to peruse.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this post.  I really do appreciate it and love to hear from you so please leave a comment below.  Would love to know if you are a fan of black and tan this time of year like me.  Happy fall shopping.

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    1. Thanks Jodie. When I saw these photos it made me realize that I need to get my scarves out more often.

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