Great Finds For Your Man From The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

Beth Ferguson and her husband Mark laughing and drinking wine, talking about great finds for your man at the Nordstrom anniversary sale

If you are like me, you have many “hats” that you wear in your marriage. One of them for me is keeping up with my husband’s wardrobe. Know that feeling? Every year when the Nordstrom Anniversary sale comes around I know that there are some great finds for your man and mine. Honestly, we probably buy more things for Mark at the sale than we do for me.

It’s funny because I have finally convinced my husband that it is just easier to order things, try them on, and then return them. Also, we may order the same item in multiple colors for him and he has to try every item on. Just because they are the same thing doesn’t mean that they will fit the same. He finally gets it. Doesn’t mean that he likes it, but he does it.

Before we look at the great finds for your man and mine this year. You might want to check out my post about my petite picks.

Mark is dressed in items that we have purchased at Nordstrom in past seasons.

Great Finds For Your Man And Mine This Year

If you husband is like mine, he knows what he likes. He just doesn’t like to do the browsing online, purchasing, or returning. That is just not in his DNA. I have finally figured out in many years of marriage that he doesn’t segment his shoppng like I do. He doesn’t really hone in on exactly what he needs and then drills down with the searches. He is always amazed at how quickly I can find things. So I drilled down by category for him this year and showed him the search items I came with so he could make some selections. Thus, I am sharing the great finds for your man and mine in this post.

Just so that you know a bit more about my husband and the types of things that we look for. Mark is in the homebuilding/real estate field. So his work clothes are quite casual. He likes nice things, but they are not dressy. He does like to have a few nice dressier things for specific meetings or when we are doing something special. Other than that, it’s shorts, casual pants, and jeans for my husband.

Sticking with the Basics

Seems like my husband always has the same basics that he wears over and over again. That’s what he likes and makes him happy so I have learned to go with what works for him. We laught that there are only a few colors in his closet and very few patterns. He has come to terms with tone on tone patterns or a few small patterns; however what works for him and probably most men is solids.


This is a quick and easy one. Every year Nordstrom always has some Tommy John pieces on sale. Mark likes this style of boxer in the winter with jeans and pants. We always try to pick up a pair or two. Otherwise, they are never on sale.

Cotton no show socks are a must living in the south. He really likes this style and I am always a fan of any Bombas products. They do good by donating when you buy from them.

We laugh that he is finally a “cool kid” again and wears joggers. He really likes these and now has a few pair because he lives in them after work and on the weekends.


One of the things I am always replacing in his wardrobe is not so basic tees. He loves this tee for layering in the winter and just to wear as a stand alone in the warm months. This brand washes beautifully and the fabric is a nice quality.

In the cooler months, pullovers are a go to versus sweaters. I really like this one for casual work and this one for weekend casual.

Polo Shirts/Shirts

Polo style shirts are the closet go to in our house. Whether he is wearing shorts, khakis, or even dressier khakis this style of shirt is the favorite. It is also a go to in the winter to wear under things in case he gets too hot. Yes, he is a fan of layering. Here are a few great finds for your man from this year’s sale.

It’s always nice to have a good shirt or two in the closet that is a little dressier. This is the one category or shirt where my man will actually wear a small pattern. He has been a fan of Bugatchi shirts for years. They are know for their patterns. Now there are only certain ones that he will wear and they are the more conservative patterns anbd colors for sure. This year I am really liking this one and this one from Bugatchi.

Every once in a while every man needs a good long sleeved shirt. To keep it more casual looking, we try to go with a small pattern. I really like this grey and brown combo for the cooler months.


This khaki pant is a favorite of Mark’s and mine. He stays cool in them and I like the way that they wash up. He has also started to wear the 5 pocket jean like pant. The comfort of a jean, but just a little more put together.

If your man is anything like mine, then he is appalled at the price of jeans. So when we can get them on sale he doesn’t have quite as much indigestion. Two styles that he likes to wear are this one in a light wash for very casual and this one for a little dressier denim look.


As always, thank you for stopping by to read my post. Let me know if you found any good basics finds for your man from this post. We keep it pretty simple and streamlined here for my husband’s wardrobe.

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