Closet Must Haves – 5 Things I Can’t Live Without

woman over 50 sitting on a step ladder in a closet with a wall of shoes behind her

It’s that time of year.  We are all thinking about our closet must haves for the season.  I know that you are thinking that I’m going to talk about 5 clothing items I can’t live without.  Wrong.  There are things that I have to have in my closet other than clothes, shoes and accessories.  Yep.  Today I’m going to let you in on a few things that help me keep my clothes, shoes, and accessories more organized in my closet. In my mind closet organization is just as important as the clothes, shoes, and accessories that are in it.

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My Closet Must Haves for Anyone Vertically Challenged

A sturdy step stool is something that I can’t live without.  This guy has his place to the right of the shoe wall.  When I’m not using him to reach high shelves and storage areas he has his little resting place out of sight.  Designed his spot when I designed the closet a few years ago.  I actually have one of these on every floor of our house tucked into a closet.  Can’t live without them.






A telescoping garment hook comes in handy for that upper level hanging like you wouldn’t believe.  Keeps me from having to get the step stool out or jumping to reach for something.  Also comes in handy when you are putting clean laundry away.  You can just move other garments around and make a spot for something.


Closet Must Haves to Keep Everything Looking and Smelling Good

Anybody else remember Sheldon’s visits to the basement laundry area on The Big Bang Theory?  He always had his handy dandy laundry folder.  Wonder how retailers get their sweaters and tees to look so good on those tables.  Well, this little guy does the trick.  I use it for all of my sweaters whether they are in a drawer or on a shelf in the closet.  One of the main reasons I love it so is that I get even more sweaters into a drawer.  I would never admit that reason to my husband, but it’s oh so true.



I haven’t met a product from The Laundress that I haven’t loved.  If you are not familiar with their product line please check these gals out.  Their backgrounds in the textile and fashion industry are quite interesting.  Their products are in my laundry room and closet.  The sprays stay in my closet because they are great to freshen things in between wears and their wrinkle releaser is a must have any time you don’t want to get the steamer out for something little.  You also want to make sure it goes with you on every trip.  The wool and cashmere spray keeps things fresh and the moths away.


A good lint brush.  As a cat mom to a white long haired cat this is a MUST.  For some reason my cats love to play in the closet so they are always brushing up again the bottom of trousers and dresses.  This brush is a bit of an investment but will last you many many years.  It also works on furniture if you are in a pinch and don’t want to get the vacuum out.






Hope you enjoyed reading about how I keep my closet easily accessible to me and my belongings looking and smelling their best.



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