Best Trench Coats For Petites

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A trench coat is one of those classic investment pieces that should live in every woman’s closet. They are an easy coat to reach for, especially in those seasonal transition months. Once you find THE one for you, it is here to stay in your closet for many years to come. So when it comes to finding the perfect trench coats for petites we will look at a few things that you will want to consider so you can find one you will love for many years to come.

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Trench Coats For Petites: A Closet Classic

The trench coat dates back to World War I. It was originally designed to be a functional coat for British soldiers by none other Thomas Burberry. Yes, a name we still know today for the iconic trench coat.

The original double-breasted design intent was to keep water out of soldier’s boots. The double-breasted closures and straps on the cuff could also be tightened to keep them dry. Once the war was over, the men had their coats shortened; the rest is British trench coat history.

After the War, women also started embracing this coat design. You can easily recount female classic film stars who have donned trench coats in famous movie scenes. Think Catherine Deneuve, Audrey Hepburn, and Meryl Streep to name just a few. Now that the short history lesson is over you can understand why this infamous article of clothing should be in your closet too.

How To Choose The Right Trench Coat For You

No matter the length, fabric, or color of the trench coat you choose, it must fit you well. This is a coat that you will be reaching for when we are having those unpredictable spring and fall temperatures so you will want to make sure that you have some room for layering. So the first place you need to make sure is that it is just right on the shoulders, the sleeves are just below your wrists, and you have some room in the sleeves and body. The last thing you want is for your arms to look like sausages in the sleeves.

Now that we know the three most important fit tips here are the 3 things you should consider when choosing the coat to add to your closet.


Trench coats come in three lengths. Short, knee-length, and long (think the same length as a midi skirt or dress). The most common length that you will find is knee-length. It is probably the most practical as well. The purpose is to keep you dry and the short length may not do that as well since it usually hits at the hip. The longer lengths can also have you drowning in fabric. Unless you plan to wear high heels with your long trench coat it may not be the most versatile option for you.


Traditional trench coats are usually made from a water-repellant cotton fabric. That is how they have been made since the British soldiers first started wearing them.

You can also find stylish trench coats made of silk, wool, and other man-made fabrics. These coats are not designed to help keep you dry. They are purely for design and styling purposes.


Khaki is the classic color for trench coats. However, you might decide to add a different neutral color to your closet that works better with your wardrobe. You can find them in black, navy, dark green season after season. I have a black trench coat that I love to travel with. It’s great in the fall with black waterproof boots in case we are sightseeing on rainy days.

Trench coats for petites are also available in fun colors. Maybe you love to wear red or pink and find one that you would enjoy wearing on spring days. It doesn’t have to be raining to wear a trench coat. They are considered a staple spring jacket, rain or shine.

Best Places To Find Trench Coats For Petites

Finding outerwear that fits can be tricky for petites. So many brands do not offer petite sizing in outerwear. However, there are a few retailers that year in and year out offer a selection of trench coats for petites. Most of them have them in stock year-round.


J.Crew currently has two cotton styles in stock this season for petites, the new Icon Trench (I am wearing it in the photos above) which is hooded and the Double Breasted trench which is a new take on the traditional silhouette. Both are offered in multiple colors.


Every year Talbots always has a great selection of rain and rain repellant outerwear for petites. They always have their current version of a classic trench. This season the pop of orange on the collar and belt are cute if that is a color that speaks to you.

They also make a great short trench that will hit at your hips. It is more of a swing jacket in the back that would be fun to wear as a statement jacket while it keeps you dry.

Land’s End

Land’s End always has a great selection of raincoats and jackets in petite sizing. Of course, they have their take on the classic trench every season as well. I would like to point out that their coat is water-repellant and is made from polyester.

Just as a side note, if you are looking for packable rain jackets for spring and summer travel, this hooded jacket or this water-repellant windbreaker would be great to have in the suitcase. Once you have something like this you have it for years to come. I know I am always glad to have a good packable jacket that doesn’t take up too much room.


Macy’s always has a good selection of petite outerwear. It doesn’t matter what type of coat I am looking for either for myself or for the blog I can always count on several options. Of course, they have the iconic London Fog trench coat that has been around forever; however, it is offered in some fun colors.

This season they have a single-breasted trenchcoat for petites. Some women do find that cut more flattering especially if they are busty. The bonus is that it is also a trench coat with a hood. Gotta love that feature.

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Thanks so much for stopping by this post today. I hope that I helped you find a great trench coat to add to your closet that you will reach for time after time. Trench coats for petites are such a staple for that transitional weather in the spring and summer. They are also a great coat to take with you whenever you travel.

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