Best Cardigans For Petites To Look Stylish and Chic

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There is something about wearing a cardigan when the temps drop. A cardigan is just one of those wardrobe staples that is like our BFF. We can always count on them to keep us warm and looking good at the same time. Sweaters and cardigans can be a little tricky for petites. We don’t want to look short and frumpy. The goal of a petite woman is to look as long and lean as possible. Cardigans for petites do work as a fashion staple. We just need to look at how they fit us and the best ways to style them.

In this post, I am going to break down what current styles of cardigans work best for petites and how we are wearing them now. Before we talk all things cardigans here are some other petite fashion posts I have written you might want to check out.

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How To Look Your Best In Cardigans For Petites Of All Ages

We are all guilty of getting into style ruts. Most of us have our favorite cuts and styles of clothing and sometimes it is hard to go outside of our normal box. I am guilty of that too. It is just comfortable and easy, like a cardigan sweater. Here are a few things to keep in my when you are trying on cardigans so that you will feel stylish and look your best.

Figure out the best length for your body type

Each of us has a unique body. So try on several styles and lengths and really look at yourself in the mirror. Take some selfies and compare the photos.

Some of us look best with cardigans that come to our waist and are more fitted like the traditional Jackie cardigan by J.Crew that has been around forever. Others are better in something with a little more length that hits at the hip like this sweater jacket.

When you take those selfies you might want to take one from the back side too. People do see us coming and going so you want to make sure you look your best both ways. Oh so often we forget about that back view.

Pay extra attention to the fit of the arms and shoulders

As petites, the last thing that we want is to add extra bulk to our frames. Thus the fit of the arms and shoulders in cardigans for petites is a detail you should pay attention to. You want to make sure that the arms are fitted. They don’t have to be tight, but you don’t want them to be too loose.

The shoulder seam is another thing to look at. Again, this is something that will be dictated by your body type. Do you look better in a sweater where the shoulder seams actually sit at your shoulder? Or do you have broad shoulders and a drop shoulder works better for you? By really looking at this detail you can see which is better for your body type.

Wear Form Fitting Clothing Underneath

Again, layering is a tricky thing for petites. When you are wearing a cardigan you want to make sure that whatever you are wearing underneath is form-fitting. We want to show off our shapes or at least give the illusion of curves under our cardigans. So think a form-fitting sheath dress, a fitted tee, or a tank top. If you choose to belt just make sure the belt is on the thinner side.

When it comes to pants, jeans or skirts opt for high-waisted styles. An automatic to make our legs look longer.

Tuck Your Top

Yes, you can tuck your cardigan into your jeans, pants, or skirt. Show off that waistline. You can do a full tuck or a half tuck. Whichever tuck you are more comfortable with.

Sleeve Length – Can You Cuff The Sleeves

So many times I fall in love with a cardigan or sweater and it does not come in petite sizing. Know that feeling? One of the details I look at is the cuff of the sweater sleeve. Some look just fine if you cuff them back once. Others are just not made to cuff and sadly we have to steer clear of them.

Cardigans That Are In Style That Work For Petites

Every year there are cardigans that work for petite bodies. This year there are three styles that keep popping up everywhere I turn. Here are three styles that you can easily add to your wardrobe and that will work for petite frames.

Cropped V-Neck Cardigans

This season everywhere I look there are cropped v-neck cardigans. Pick a color, any color and you can find it if you look hard enough. I will say that one thing I have noticed is that there are also a lot of neutral color cardigans for petites this season.

This is one style that we can easily purchase in non-petite sizing. Just make sure you can cuff the sleeves. You will see them worn with nothing underneath. Some will actually only button a couple of buttons and show a lot of skin. You can also easily layer them with a shirt that makes you feel comfortable. Don’t be afraid to tuck this style into your high-waisted bottoms.

Here are some v-neck cardigans for petites that you will enjoy having in your wardrobe this winter.

Boyfriend Cardigan

The boyfriend cardigan is also known as the Grandpa cardigan. If there was ever a garment that was a hug when you put it on it is this style of cardigan. We have seen this style for years, but this year what you are seeing is that it has big buttons and will hip mid-hip to underneath your bottom.

These sweaters are a looser fit so as a petite, you need to keep in mind to wear a skinnier bottom with them to balance things out.

Sweater Jacket

We are seeing lots of sweater jackets this year. They can be cropped and hit at the waist much like a Chanel-inspired jacket or they can be double-breasted and hit further down on your hips. They can have a zipper or they can have buttons. There is a variety of styles that can match your personal style.

One of my favorite brands for jacket-style sweaters is M.M. LaFleur. They are known for their power casual looks and actually have a few styles that are very petite-friendly. Their fabrics are all machine washable and they travel like a dream. Think of a sweater that you can wear from board meetings to to the soccer field and that is what their jardigans can do for you. Yes, I love that they call them jardigans. They are part jacket, part cardigan.

Best Tops To Wear With Your Cardigans

So what are the best tops to wear with your cardigans? The key thing to remember is that we do not want to add bulk. That means wearing something that is form-fitting as you are comfortable with. You know your comfort zone and should do that zone.

Thanks, Let’s Stay In Touch

Thanks so much for stopping by and reading my post today. I hope that this helped you with finding the best cardigans for petites out there right now. Please drop me a comment if you find a new one that you can’t wait to wear this winter. I love hearing from my readers.

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