Fall 2023 Fashion Trends For Petites

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It’s hard to believe that September is just around the corner. Once we turn that page on the calendar, fall will be here before we know it. I don’t know about you, but by this time in August, I am ready to change things up. Being sweaty and having bad hair days due to high humidity is getting kind of old. Also, I am ready to stop putting on the self-tanner so that my pasty legs don’t scare others. Needless to say, I am ready to think about what fashion trends are out there for fall 2023.

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Fall 2023 Fashion Trends

Being petite (I’m 5′ 1/2″) can make many trends quite tricky.  The other thing that I always factor in is that I am now midlife. What looks good on young, tall women isn’t necessarily a good thing for me and my body type.  No matter your age and body type, once you know what looks good on your body and you feel comfortable in, then you always look good. Because when you feel good in your clothes it shows through in everything that you do that day.

So as we look at the trends for Fall 2023 you will always want to recognize the scale of a print or pattern, the length of garments, how they fit the body, and the cut of the garment. It’s not always easy to try new things. Trust me, it takes me a while to try new things to add to my wardrobe. I have always gravitated to classic, fitted pieces. However, if you don’t try new things you might miss out on something that is really good for you and comfortable. So let’s see what’s out there for FAll 2023 that you should try.

7 Fall Fashion Trends For Petites That I Can’t Wait To Wear

Some years the fashion trends are wearable for petites and other years they are not. This year there are seven, yes seven, trends we will be seeing that will work for petite bodies.

Rich Reds

In the last couple of seasons, Barbie pink has been everywhere. Not that I don’t like pink, but I am just so excited to see my favorite color in so many shades for this season. Whether you like a true red, a brick red, or even a burgundy red you will find it this season. So if you don’t like red up against your face, consider a pair of red pants or a red skirt. Another great option and something that you are seeing a lot of are sweater vests like this one. You will have a little red near your face and then whatever color you prefer under it.

Classic Tailoring

Yet another trend that looks great on petite bodies. It is so nice to see the return to classic tailoring. Structured pieces are always flattering on a petite body especially if they cinch us in at the waist.

Circle Skirts

Fuller skirts are back. Now they aren’t as full as the skirts from the 1950s. Thank goodness. It is nice to have that relaxed feel to a skirt and to be able to move around easily in it. Just keep in mind that as a petite you don’t want the circle skirt to be too full and overwhelm you.

Think about pairing them with a great pair of kitten heels or even with boots. For the top, think of a sweater that you can tuck in or even a tee.

Sweater Dresses

This style of dress is one that comes in and out of style. This season we will see sweater dresses in all sorts of colors and with intricate details. For petites, sticking with a classic sweater dress that is not too bulky is most likely the way to go.

As a petite, it can be a little tricky to get one that is the right length if you can’t find petite sizing. They can be hemmed, however it can be a little pricey. I do love to pack a sweater dress on a winter vacation. You can stay warm in them while looking stylish. The dress above comes in other colors as well, is petite friendly and looks much more expensive than it is. I wear an XXS in the dress. I feel it runs a little large. I’m loving this dark plum colored dress for this fall as an alternative to black.


This season is all about structured turtlenecks. Something that a petite woman can wear as a wardrobe staple. You are going to find them in great color options. You can think of them as one of your elevated basics. It’s always good to have a white or ivory turtleneck as well as a black turtleneck. You can find them in a t-shirt material or in sweater materials.

For a very casual look, I always love this brand for turtlenecks. They are oh so cozy with jeans or leggings. The Park Slope is my personal favorite as a petite. I fold the collar down a bit and it is very flattering.

I can’t tell you how many colors I have of this turtleneck. It is fabulous for layering and does not add bulk. It also comes in so many color options every season.

Trench coats

Trench coats are gong strong for fall 2023. You will see more than just your usual tan or black trench coat that is a classic wardrobe staple. This season you will see shorter trenches, trenches with color and pattern. So if you have a classic that you have had for years and wear it all of the time, add in a fun one like this red trench or this shorter trench. This shorter version is great for those early fall days.

Great Closet Basics

Yeah to having elevated basics in your closet as a fashion trend. That’s right having a “uniform” or wearing your basics all of the time is so in for this season. Hard to believe that is what you actually saw on some of the runways.

So, for this fall think some nice on trend jeans like a wide leg, a white shirt, and a great camel blazer. Find the cut that works for you and enjoy those pieces on repeat. I would also recommend a great tee. For fall I love a 3/4 length sleeve.


Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by my little corner of the internet. I really appreciate it. Fall weather will be here before you know it. It’s time to get prepared for that first crisp morning in style. Hope this help you decide what to add to your wardrobe after taking inventory. It’s always fun to add a couple of pieces to keep things fresh and fun.

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Updated October 2023.

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