How to Choose The Best Earrings For Small Face Shapes

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Earrings are an easy way to take a simple look and give it some pizazz and personality. It becomes a bit trickier if you are like me and have a small face. Yes, earrings for a small face can be a bit trickier. I know I will love a pair of earrings on a display or online and then when they are on my ears I look like I have been playing in my mother’s jewelry box.

Obviously, you have a small face or you probably wouldn’t be reading this post. I find that when you are petite, like myself and many of my readers, it’s not just clothing that can be challenging to find in the correct scale. So I thought would break down how to find the best earrings for your small face shape into some easy steps.

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Let’s Figure Out The Best Earrings For Your Small Face Shape

Small faces come in all shapes., just like bodies. Most likely you have a petite body as well. So the two go together beautifully. The most important thing that we have to think about when we are petite is the scale of what we put on our bodies. Yes, once you figure out the scale then it all falls into place.

Years ago, I was given the best advice by a stylist who worked with many famous people during his career. He told me as a petite I needed to look in the mirror when I tried things on and ask myself one question. Do I see the outfit or do I see how good the outfit enhances my unique beauty?

The same question applies to our earrings and any other jewelry that we put on our small faces and petite bodies. Do the earring jump out and outshine our complete look or do they enhance the look that we are wearing?

Knowing the shape of your face will help guide you to know what types of earrings works best for your face. From there, you can find THE earrings that will enhance any outfit that you choose to wear.

What Shape Is Your Face?

So many of us don’t know our face shape and that’s OK. There are six main face shapes; heart, round, diamond, oval, square, and oblong (long). You can look at the graphic below to help you determine your shape so you can quickly figure out the best earrings for a small face shape that looks like yours. If you still need a little guidance, then this face shape calculator can have the results for you quickly.


Heart-shaped faces look lovely in earrings that have a wider bottom. The width at the bottom creates a proportional balance to your face shape. So when shopping you will want to look for earrings that start out slim at the top and get wider at the bottom.


Long, slim earrings are going to be your earring BFF. They will compliment the roundness of your face shape. So you will look for dangling and drop earrings. You just don’t want them to be too long.


Balancing the widths and angles of a diamond-shaped face is the goal with your earrings. Your eyes are the highlight of your face so you want to balance that out. The best earrings for balancing your face are actually studs.


Lucky you if you have an oval-shaped face. You can wear almost any shape of earrings that your heart desires. Yes, to studs, hoops, small drops, and huggies. All of them will compliment your face. You just want to make sure that the dangle or drop is too long. That can make your face look longer.


The goal of a square-shaped face is to soften the hard edges of your face. So what doesn’t have edges, round hoops? Yes, you will want to look for round or flowing styles.

Two of my favorite brands for interesting hoops are Argento Vivo and Jenny Bird. Trust me, you can have so many pairs of hoops and each can have a unique look to them. Also don’t forget that some designers will make hoops in fun colors.

Oblong (Long)

If you have a long and narrow face, then you will want to accentuate the width of your face. Any type of round earrings will help to make your face look fuller. So you will want to look for studs, cluster earrings, short dangles, and hoops. Lots of options.

Other Things To Consider When Purchasing Earring For Small Faces

Now that you know the shape of your face and earrings that will compliment it here are a few things to keep in mind as you build a collection of earrings that you will treasure.

I have an oval-shaped face so I enjoy a variety of shapes, just never too big.

Have Your Earrings Match Your Lifestyle

Where are you going to be wearing your earrings? If it is to the office, then keep the earrings more conservative. You will want to stick with simple gold hoops or studs or some sort. If you are working from home, then just make sure you know who your audience is for video calls. You will want to stick with professional accessories for that as well.

After work, you can let your personality shine thru with your accessories. Now is the time to bring out the sparkles, color, and dangles.

Keep Your Coloring In Mind

The metal that looks best on you will be determined by your skin tone. Cooler skin tones (pink or blue undertones) look best in white gold or platinum. Warmer skin tones (yellow or peach undertones) look best in yellow gold. Now if you are lucky and have a neutral skin tone, then you can wear either.

Select Earrings That Compliment Your Personality

Earrings are one of the easiest ways to show off your personality. It is a direct extension of your overall style.

If you dress in classic pieces, simple timeless earrings such as small hoops, pearls, and diamond studs are a good match for you. They will go with everything in your classic closet.

Artsy and creative, then you will want to have some dangles and fun colors in your earring collection. Just keep the scale of the earring in mind and don’t go too big so that others notice them before they see your pretty face.

If you like more romantic or boho styles, then you will want to find earrings for small faces that have rounded and curvy details. Just think of your earrings flowing freely like your favorite top or dress.

You will want earrings with straight edges and lines for the chic or more dramatic dresser. Think rectangles or squares depending upon your face shape.


Thanks so much for taking the time to read my post. I truly appreciate every read, share, and follow. Hopefully, this helped you figure out the challenge of finding earrings for your small face. Those of us with small faces should be able to wear and enjoy great-looking earrings that help make our OOTD look fabulous.

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