Cuyana Review: My Favorite Bags And Pouches

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Sometimes you come across a brand of bags that truly make a lasting impression upon you. Cuyana is one of those brands for me. I have been carrying Cuyana bags for several years now and still own and carry the first bag that I bought from them. So I thought I would share why this brand is one that I would recommend in a Cuyana review.

Those who know me, know that I like clean lines and quality when it comes to my handbags. That is what this brand offers not only in handbags, but also in tote bags. Every woman needs a good tote bag in their closet. So I plan to tell you about why I shop this brand and some of my current favorite pieces from them.

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Cuyana Review: Why This Brand Has Made A Lasting Impression

I like to carry quality handbags and totes. They don’t have to be fancy, just well made. Clean lines and timeless silhouettes are my favorite. My preference is not to have logos or brands on the outside of my handbags either. Cuyana bags fit all of those criteria for me.

That being said, I thought I would share my thoughts on why I have bought their bags for several years now. I don’t have a lot of different styles. Just good basic ones and by the end of this review you will understand why.

Who Is Cuyana?

Cuyana was launched in 2011 by two women, Karla Gallardo and Shipla Shah. Their goal was and is to create timeless essentials for the modern woman. The motto is “fewer, better” which translates into focusing on fewer collections and pieces made of high-quality and sustainable materials.

My Experience With Cuyana Bags: My Cuyana Review

As I write this Cuyana review I am trying to remember when I bought my first saddle bag from them. It had to be around 2015 or 2016. I still use that handbag. The leather strap is so soft and the bag still holds its shape. Saddle bags are just a classic style and this one looks as good today as it did when I got it. It is a light tan color and I tend to use it in the spring and summer. They no longer make the exact style, but currently offer this saddle bag.

Since that first purchase was one that I used and enjoyed I have since purchased three other bags from them. A top handle bag (no longer available), a tote bag (similar style available), and the Concertina handbag. So here are my thoughts on each of the categories of bags that I have owned and would purchase from this brand.


Every woman needs a good classic tote bag in their wardrobe. It doesn’t matter if you work or not. They are just handy to have. Great to use when you travel or on errand days.

I own the smaller version of this classic structured bag. What I love about my tote is that it is a great size for my petite body. I am 5′ and wear a size 2. Most tote bags are so big that they overwhelm my petite frame.

I have had this tote for a few years now and it looks fabulous. The pebbled leather just gets softer with time. I do keep it cleaned with a leather cleaner if I get something on it. The interior is plain so I can put in whatever I need. My iPad or laptop, wallet, sunglasses, and a bottle of water fit easily for work. If I am running errands and have a few small bags or boxes, I can easily toss them in.

The current tote bag similar in size to mine is the System tote 13-inch. If I worked and commuted this would be a must-have in my wardrobe. The ability to snap organizational pouches in and out with ease would be so nice. It seems as if this is an improved version of what I currently own and love.

The fact that all of their totes are available in so many good neutral colors is another feather in the cap for this brand. Each woman has a neutral color that we prefer for our wardrobes and this accommodates that as well. When I am ready to add another tote this is one that I would consider adding. It is also available in a larger size if you need more capacity.

The other tote I would consider as a petite woman is this small easy zipper tote. It would be great for travel. I like the fact that it is zippered for extra security. Another bonus is that you can use a crossbody strap with it. This bag also has the option to snap organizational pouches in and out.


The Concertina bag above is my latest Cuyana addition. When they introduced this bag I knew it was time to add another. The size and shape are perfect for any everyday bag. I like the way that there are dividers on the inside. It is made with beautiful pebbled leather. I know it will be in my closet for many years to come and will just get softer and better with time.

Another thing that I like about the Concertina handbag is that the leather finishes on the inside of the bag are just as nice as the exterior finishes. It is also available in Croco and Snake leather finishes if you like more of a pattern for your bags.

Other Handbags That I Like

I think that if you traveled a lot or you needed to be hands-free for some reason this leather belt bag would be so chic. It looks like it would hold quite a bit.

I have been tempted by this bow bag for some time now and probably just need to pull the trigger. I like it in the shimmery champagne color or black. Either color would be used with so many different looks year-round. I like that it has a chain so you can be hands-free with it. That is always a bonus with a small handbag.

The design of this clutch is ingenious. You can tell that a woman designed it because it is so easy to hold onto. Plus you also have a chain for a shoulder strap.


This Cuyana review couldn’t be complete without mentioning all of their small leather goods. They have thought of every little luxury pouch that you can imagine. From passport covers to airpod cases that attach to your totes, to small or large duo wallets. Yes, the duo wallets are wallets within a wallet.

Where To Buy Cuyana Bags

You can find Cuyana designs on their website and they also have a few brick-and-mortar stores in the US. Currently, they have a few stores in California, one in Boston, and one in New York City. You can also find a few of their designs on the Nordstrom website.

Another way is to shop their gently used site, Revive. Yes, you can either sell your bags or brown other gently used bags on this section of their website.

Thanks, Let’s Keep In Touch

Thanks for stopping by my Cuyana review. I hope that this review was able to answer any questions you had about adding one of their bags or totes to your wardrobe. It is a brand that I enjoy carrying and hope that you will too.

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