Best Crossbody Bags For Travel So You Don’t Look Like A Tourist

Best Crossbody Bags For Travel So You Don't Look Like A Tourist

I remember certain things about our first international trip as if it were yesterday. It was 30+ years ago. Yes, that was way before we could look up on Google and Pinterest what we should wear to not look like a tourist. Mark and I both may as well have put signs around our necks saying come and pickpocket us. Yes, it did happen to me. Every trip thereafter I always make sure that I have great crossbody bags for travel. It is just a must on my packing list.

Now that Google and Pinterest are here to help us answer any questions we have about travel we can all feel more prepared. I know when we went on our last trip to Europe I finally felt like I didn’t have a blaring sign around my neck. So today I am going to help you find the best crossbody bags for travel so that you won’t feel like you have a sign around your neck.

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Stylish Crossbody Bags For Travel and Everyday Life

I think that most women will agree with me that our shoe and handbag choice helps to complete any look we are wearing. Whether we are out sightseeing or running errands our handbag is always something that we have with us. It doesn’t have to be a large bag, just something that can hold all of our essentials and look nice with what we are wearing.

A stylish crossbody bag is a style that works for life in general and is probably the best type of bag to have with you when you are traveling. This style of bag makes it so that your hands are free and you don’t have to worry about how you are holding onto your handbag securely. From the beginning of every trip, a crossbody bag makes it easy to get through airport security hands-free. The other biggin now is that you can have your phone in both hands while Googling your way to your next destination and not worry about your bag. Also, never forget it leaves your hands available for a hot or cold beverage of your choice.

How Should You Wear A Crossbody Bag?

Your crossbody bag should hit you just above the hip. This allows you easy access to the bag and the contents won’t move around too much.

You can wear it in the front or the back. For travel, it is best to wear it in the front so that you see it all of the time.

How To Determine The Best Length For Your Body

So how do you easily know if a strap length is good for your body or not? Here is a great chart from Mautto Handbags that puts it all into perspective.

Image via

Pickpocketers Beware

We all do what we can to prepare ourselves against being pickpocketed or robbed when traveling. The crossbody bag with a secure closure is probably the best thing for a woman to carry to have a little peace of mind so that she can truly enjoy her travels. This article from a travel expert can give you a few more things to think about as you are planning your next trip. He has a great personal track record for personal safety.

Best Stylish Crossbody Bags For Travel And Beyond

I have rounded up various styles, sizes, and fabrications of crossbody bags. I find it useful to have a variety of types of bags because as we know no two adventures are exactly alike.

Tusk Camera Bag

I have been a fan of Tusk leather goods for years. In my opinion, their products are very nice quality for the price point. They will last you for many years if you take care of them.

This camera bag is made of soft Italian leather. It has a great zipper closure and two pockets on the inside for organization. I can fit my phone, wallet, lipstick, readers, and keys in it with no issues. It has a longer, thin crossbody strap and a shorter, wider strap if you want to carry it on your shoulder.

Tusk Phone Bag

Do we ever go anywhere without our phones? They contain our lives these days. Our phones are also our cameras for capturing all of our travel memories. This crossbody bag phone holder is perfect for those outings when all you need if your phone and a couple of credit cards. There are two slots inside so you can use one for your credit card and one for your room key. There is also an outside pocket for your AirPods or another small essential.

Lo and Sons

The Lo and Sons Pearl Crossbody bag is for the woman who loves organization. It has two main zippered compartments and then within those compartments, there are so many slip pockets and another zippered pocket. You can get your system down pat and always know where things are securely stored.

A nice feature of this bag is that it has an adjustable strap so that you can really adjust the length to be a shoulder back, or a crossbody bag, or you can easily carry it as a wristlet in the evening.

Athleta Revive Modular

The Revive Modular is a great waterproof crossbody option for travel or everyday. It is big enough for all of your essentials, but the bonus is the glasses holder that is on the strap. Just think you can always easily access your readers.

Cuyana Small Sling

I have been a fan of Cuyana handbags for years. Their quality and durability are very good for the price point. What I like about the Small Sling is that it is made of washable recyclable materials. Yes, you can actually put this handbag in the washing machine (think the bins from the airport security lines). The other feature I really like is the wide strap for comfort.

Dagne Dover Micah

This company creates bags to keep us organized and looking good. Dagne Dover is a woman founded and run business so they know what women on the go look for in a handbag. Most of their bags are 100% vegan. Their linings and dust bags are made of recycled materials. So if you are into handbags that are made by an environmentally responsible company this is a match for you.

The Micah is made of neoprene and performance air mesh. It is lightweight, weighing just 1lb and 1oz. It has an exterior phone pocket for easy access and plenty of room in a zippered pouch for all of your essentials.


When you think Lululemon you automatically think of activewear and workoutwear. They also have some great accessories. I joke all of the time that their Everywhere Belt Bag is my most used handbag. I use it every day for the gym and running to the grocery. It’s perfect for my phone, driver’s license, credit card, and phone.

Their City Adventurer is just a bit bigger and made so you can carry more essentials. It is designed for on the move and it is water repellant. I find that it’s always good to be prepared for a rainy day when traveling.

Pacsafe Citysafe

Pacsafe bags are known for their anti-theft technology. If you are traveling to a city or area where you know that pickpockets and people trying to steal identity. Not only does the CitySafe bag have RFID protection, but it also has a way that you can lock your zippers.

The CitySafe bag is made from recycled bottles so you can easily wipe this bag clean.

Thanks, Let’s Stay In Touch

Thanks so much for stopping by. Hope this helped you find the perfect bag for your next trip. It’s a great feeling when we know that we are carrying something that is safe when we are in a strange place and we still look great and put together. Who wants to blaringly announce to everyone on the streets that they are a tourist and don’t know where they are going?

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