7 Little Things To Make Your Next Flight More Enjoyable

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Sometimes the little things in life can mean the most. Yes, just something small can have such a big impact on how our day or trip in this case goes. Who doesn’t want their next flight to be more enjoyable? Can I get a smile for this one.

Seems like every time we go on a trip the seats are more crammed together. The other thing is that flights seem to always be full these days. I guess it’s a sign of the times. Whether you are an occasional flyer or a frequent flyer there are seven little things that you can do that I find make flying more enjoyable. After all, your flight does set the tone for your trip.

Getting Ready for Your Next Flight

Ok, getting ready for any flight or trip does take some organizing. We all know that golden rule of always being prepared rules. So if you remeber these seven things for your next flight, I promise you that it will be more enjoyable. I did all of them prior to our recent flight to Paris and it made a world of difference.

You can read all about that trip and where we stayed here. Planning ahead for my flight made it so that I was ready to hit the ground running when we arrived.

Another thing to think about. If you are planning a lot of international travel you might want to consider applying for Global Entry. It can help cut back on all of your standing in line time.

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don’t overpack your carry on

We always want to make sure that we have all of our essentials so that we can get to them easily; however, keep in mind that you do have to lug them around. The other thing is that you can only get one in the overhead and the other has to fit comfortably under your feet. Yes, keep in mind that you need to be able to smoosh your second one under your seat AND have some room for your feet.

A carry on that can go onto your shoulder is always a great option. It is easy to measure that it is not fully packed and doesn’t have quite as much structure so it is easy for smooshing. There are many out there, but these are some really good ones that are made with women in mind. Here’s a great handbag to pack inside of your carry on that is made just for travel. If you like to take your DSLR camera along with you, then you need to make sure that there is room for this travel handbag in your carry on luggage.

stay hydrated and full

Hydration is key. With full flights you only get so many rounds from the flight attendants and they don’t always give you the water that you need to stay fully hydrated. Packing a stainless steel thermos bottle that you can refill is the easiest thing to do. I also like to add packets of electrolytes or hydrations mixes. Keeps the water tasting flavorful.

Packing snacks in your carry on is a must these days. You never know if or what you are going to get on a flight. I am a huge believer in having protein and carbs with me. Variety is the spice of life after all. Bars don’t take up that much room either. (I always pack some in my checked bags too. Think return trip.)

bring your own pillow

Now they make some great travel pillow that don’t take up much room. This one is great because it goes back in its own little bag. It is also very lightweight.

This is a great option if you prefer to bring along your own blanket. Flights can be cold and drafty. The other thing is that you can use the airline’s blanket as a back support pillow.

pack an eyemask

An eye mask comes in handy if you want to try and doze off while all of the cabin lights are still on. The other thing is you never know what your seatmate may want to do during the flight. They could be a reader or a talker. Either way, covering your eyes will discourage interaction if that is what you want.

Keep in mind that you don’t want to pack the one that you use at home. It’s better to get one that you use just for travel that you can wash and put back in your carry on so it is ready to go.


Face masks are no fun to wear. Currently they are not required, but you never know when that can pop back up. Also, you never know when you might be sitting near someone that is coughing or hacking. Hate thate, especially if they don’t cover their mouth. It’s not like you can move to escape it either. Again, always good to be prepared.

noise cancelling headphones are your bff

My Bose noise cancelling headphones were life changing a few years ago. Not only do I use them for flying, but I also use them at home. They come in handy for listening to podcasts and audio books. Ther are various price points and you can either get them to go on your head or just into your ears.

download your own entertainment

As you are preparing for your next trip, make sure you download back up movies to your tablet or laptop. It’s also good to always have a Kindle loaded and ready to go with books and audiobooks.


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