Easy Tips On How To Travel With A Hat

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One thing that is always on my packing list for summer travels is a hat. Hats always come in handy when you are traveling. It’s just getting them there that can be the issue. I promise that after reading this you will never have to worry about how to travel with a hat again.

Before we get you ready to travel with a hat somewhere fun here are a few other posts you might want to check out before your trip.

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woman at the beach wearing a hat, bathing suite, and white bathing suit cover up, travel with a hat is a must
Sun hat by Physician Endorsed. At least 6 years old and still going.

Travel With A Hat With No Worries

Over the years, I have acquired a little collection of sun hats. Not only do they protect us from the sun’s harmful rays when we are out and about, but they also add a little extra personality to our outfit. They also come in handy for bad hair days. Sometimes going to a different climate doesn’t agree with how you style your hair.

Hats aren’t just for your beach trip. Consider taking one along when you are going to higher altitudes as well. The sun can be just as harsh there too. Trust me, there are cute hats out there for all of your outdoor adventures.

3 Easy Tips For Your Next Trip

#1 Wear It

Wearing your hat is probably the easiest option. It depends on how long you will be traveling and if you want to have it on your head for your journey. Also, the size of the hat may dictate whether or not you want to wear it when traveling.

I don’t mind wearing a small hat like a baseball hat when traveling. Beyond that size, I go with option two or three.

#2 Clip It To Your Luggage

You can travel with a hat easily by clipping it to your suitcase. I don’t know who invented these little clips, but they sure do come in handy. You can use them to clip your hat to your rolling carry-on bag or your shoulder bag.

Would you prefer a tote bag with built-in hat storage? This tote is such a great bag for the hat lover. It will keep your hat secure and you will look chic going through the airport and walking through your vacation destination.

#3 Pack It

This is my preferred way to travel with a hat. There are so many packable hats in the marketplace to choose from these days. Not only are they fashionable, but these hats are also bendable and flexible. They are made of paper, polyester, cotton, or raffia. Many also offer UPF 50 protection as well. ‘

I am known to pack more than one hat for a trip. That is not a problem. When you start to pack find your largest hat and it will be on the bottom. Stack the other hats inside it.

Once you have your stack of hats, put them upside down in the middle of your suitcase. Put some small items inside them like bathing suits or bathing suit cover-ups. If your adventures don’t have you packing those, then put other small items inside the hats. Make sure you have other items packed up to the hats so that the brims stay flat. This is the easiest way to pack your hats without crushing them.

Once you get to your destination, you should be able to unpack and have a hat ready to go.

Fedora by Wallaroo – at least 5 years old

My Favorite Hats To Pack

When I am shopping for hats four brands come to mind immediately. All of them offer similar styles and are made of UPF50 fabrics. It depends on the style and color you are looking for and your budget. I have hats from all of these brands and like them all equally.

My favorite brands are:

Here are some of my favorite styles of hats to pack.

Thanks, Let’s Keep In Touch

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you now have no worries about packing a hat to take with you on your next adventure. Have fun!

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