Best Backpacks For Women For Travel: But Make Them Stylish

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Are you traveling for a quick trip or a multi-country trip soon? One thing you should consider for the next excursion is a backpack. Yes, backpacks for women can be a great carry-on option. By the time you finish reading this, I bet you will be convinced that it is something you need to have stored along with your luggage so you are ready to roll in comfort and style.

I know what you might be thinking, a backpack? Why? I will point out some things to look for in choosing the right backpack for your next adventure. Here are a few other things you might want to consider for your next trip too.

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Backpacks For Women Are Great For Travel

Each of us does travel our own way. Thus, the best backpack for me may not be the best one for you. I am not a traveler who lives out of her backpack and frankly couldn’t imagine doing so. Not at my age. Why I went down the “rabbit hole” of looking for backpacks for women and writing this post is that I wanted to have a great carry-on that I could put a lot of stuff in and my laptop when I ventured out.

The idea of being hands free and having a backpack on my back for going thru airports or train stations appealed to me. Not having to worry about balancing my carry-on bag on top of a wheeled back just seemed delightful. The other nice thing about a backpack is that they are great for organization and easy to access.

Another bonus is that they are good to have if you are going on long excursion or day trips from your destination. You can easily carry them and take what you need for the day.

Tips For Choosing Your Stylish Backpack

All backpacks are not created equal. First of all, I would recommend considering backpacks that are made for women. If you can find one that you like that is made for women by women that is even better. I will be pointing some of those out to you as options.

The two most important factors for backpacks for women are size and fit. So when it comes to the size and fit of your backpack here are some things to look for. Remember the bigger the bag, the more stuff you can get in it so the heavier it could get. Just like a purse. Also, just like a purse you may have to try on a few bags to know if they work for your body. Here are some things to look for and consider when looking for your backpack.

Bag Height

You don’t want it to be too tall and hit you in the back of the head or be down on your tush. I’m petite and short through the torso so this is important to me.

Shoulder straps

Are they padded? Do they sit close enough on your body so that they are comfortable on your back?


Is it a front loading or top loading bag. This is a personal preference in my opinion. I don’t mind a top loading bag because it is just a carry-on or day bag for me. Ladies who are traveling with just a backpack usually prefer a front loading so they can access their things easier without having to pull everything out.

External Pockets and Organizational Features

This is a must for me. Think a place for a water bottle, your passport, etc. Things that you don’t want to have to dig through your bag to find while traveling. Also, just like a purse how many compartments do you want? Do you need a special place for a laptop, cords, earphones, charging stations? Do you want a place to keep an extra pair of shoes? Each person has different “stuf” that they need to have easy access to during their travels.

Stylish Backpacks For Women To Consider For Your Next Trip

Here are some great backpacks to consider adding to your travel and luggage options.


This brand is one of the woman founded brands that I mentioned above. Yes, all Baggallini bags are designed for women by women. Their goal as a company is to keep you organized so you can focus on the things that moatter most to you. Baggallini makes a full line of travel related products for women, not just backpacks.

The Securtex is a great option as a carry on back. It is roomy and has several anti-theft features such as RFID-blocking technology, made of slash resistant material, and locking zippers. The backpack is made of lightweight, water-repellant fabric. It also has great external pockets for your water bottle and organizational needs. Available in several colors as well.

Dagne Dover

The women behind Dagne Dover like to design problem-solving bags. So if you have a problem with organizing your stuff that you need to carry, they aim to have a solutions. Yes, they make much more than just the Dakota backpack. From fanny packs to diaper backs to grocery totes, they have a bag to keep you organized.

Not only do they want to keep you organized and looking good while doing so, they prioritize sustainability with all of their products. The Dakota backpack is a work/life balance kind of backpack made of water-resistant material. It comes in three sizes so you can find a size that works for you and your needs.

I am spotlighting the medium because it’s not too big or too small. It has lots of great organizational features and it has a place to securely hold a 13″ laptop. I LOVE the fact that the backpack comes with a shoe bag. Especially when traveling it is nice to have an option with you for long flights and once you get to your destination.

Light Flight

Not sure if a backpack is for you or you are not going to use one many times a year? This Light Flight bag is a great option. It is roomy, has lots of good organizational options. The shoulder straps are padded and it has a back luggage strap. Teh side pockets are great for a water bottle or umbrella and it will hold up to a 15″ laptop inside.

Lo & Sons Rowledge

Lo & Sons is a family run business, mother and sons run business. Thus the name. The founder Lo, started this company in her 60s with her two sons. They design and make quality sustainable travel products. They have a full line of travel products from convertible handbags to handbags that will hold a DSLR camera to carry totes. If you are an avid traveler you will definitely want to have some of their products in with your luggage options.

The Rowledge is one that I like because it is a 2 in 1 bag. It is a backback that is great for work because you can convert the backpack into a tote easily. So it can hold a 13″ laptop and all of your stuff for work just as easily as it works as a backpack. The interior and exterior have all of the pockets and organizational features that you need for either as well.

MZ Wallace

Another female founded company that designs and makes bags for the way that women on the move live. Their intent is to make bags that you can use from day to evening, office to dinner all year round. Thus, their bags are workhorses for your wardrobe. You know the ones that you will reach for over an over again.

I love their signature nylon fabrics. You can tell that the founders have a background in the fashion indudstry. Their nylon fabrics are made of recycled fibers that are certified Global Recycling Standards. The power puff fill that the signature padding is made of is actually made from recycled water bottles.

This lightweight backpack only weighs 1.3 pounds before you put your belongings in it. It will hold a 15″ laptop, has all of the exterior and interior pockets that you need for organization and has a luggage sleeve. It has nice designer touches to the bag like signature red leather edging and it is trimmed in black Italian leather.

Pac Safe Anti-Theft

black pac safe city safe backpacks, one of the best backpacks for women for travel with anti theft features

This brand of bags is known for its anti-theft bags. If your travels lead you to countries where there are lots of thefts or pickpockets, then this is a brand that you need to check out. From crossbody bags to backpacks they have got you covered.

Their PopNLock security clip can come in handy in case you are prone to or need to take a nap when you are traveling. This feature allows you to easily secure your bag around a fixed object with no worries. All of their backpacks also feature lockable zips. Last but not least, their bags are made of a cut-resistant technology to ensure that your valuables and bag are protected. They also use the RFID technology to protect your credit cards and passport from unwanted scans.

The CX anti-theft backpack will hold your 13″ laptop and also has a special pocket for your phone. Lots of organizational features and a luggage slip are also included.

Thanks, Let’s Keep In Touch

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope this helped you find some of the best backpacks for women to make your next adventure a little more comfortable. Preparing with the right luggage and accessories can make our travels more enjoyable. Also, here are some great safety tips for women.

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