Fashion Items Every Short Girl Should Bypass

fashion items every short girl should bypass

Fashion Items Every Short Girl Should Bypass

Every short girl I know (including me) always wishes that she was taller. We may not be able to make that happen, but what we can do is give the illusion of being taller. By making certain choices and wearing things that we know look good on our bodies will have us standing taller.

Today I am going to share with you the best fashion advice I was ever given. This little nugget of fashion knowledge applies to all seasons and years. It is not just for us short girls, but all girls.

When you try something on, REALLY look in the mirror. Do you see the outfit first or do you see yourself and your beauty enhanced by the outfit?

This little nugget of knowledge keeps your from making mistakes when you are out shopping or even when you are putting things together in your own closet. So now let’s look at how we can maximize every inch of our 5’4″ and under bodies.

fashion items every short girl should bypass

4 Things Every Short Girl Should Avoid and Options That Work

Oversized Accessories

Every woman loves accessories. Some of us like more than others and some looks call for more than others. What every short girl has to remember is that the scale of the accessory has to fit her body. Now I’m not saying that you can’t wear some bling and carry cute handbags. As a member of the short girl’s club we just have to keep the size and shape in mind so that we are not overwhelmed by them. So what types of accessories should we wear?


Chunky statement necklaces and large bib necklaces may be popular, but they are just too heavy for our small frames. Longer statements necklaces that create a V which will help to create the illusion of a longer neck and torso. It’s also a great trick over a crew neck top, since V neck tops can be a short girl’s good friend. Here are a few examples that would work.


Statement earrings. Yes, we all love them. What short girls have to be careful about is the length and width or earrings. Yes, you can usually find that in the description so that you don’t wind up with earrings that look as big as your head or are down on your shoulders. We also have to remember that if we are wearing statement earrings that we really don’t need other accessories or that is all others will notice. Goal is to look good from head to to and not have everyone staring at your earrings when they see you. Here are some great earrings for a short girl.


Thin belts. Yes, those wide belts may look good on a dress, but they cut us in two. Thin belts can give you the same look since the scale is better for us. Remember that if you wear a belt the same color as your pants it will help make your legs look even longer. My personal max width preference is 1.5″. Most websites are good about having the width in the description so make sure to check that. Here are some great belts that would work.


Smaller handbags tend to be a short girl’s friend. Yes, it’s nice to carry a lot of “stuff”, but many times those bags will hit us at a point that make our hips look wider. The shape is one way that we can get by with one that is a little larger. If you can find handbags that are more vertical in shape they will help elongate you. Here are some examples of shapes that work well.

Cropped Pants

As members of the short girl club one thing that we are always trying to do is to make our legs look longer. If there is any way to make them look shorter it is by putting on a pair of pants that hit at an unflattering length. Here’s a little history of about cropped pants and who made them famous.

Cropped, capris, and many bermuda shorts will make your legs look even shorter. They can easily emphasize larger calves too. The ideal length for a short girl is at the ankle bone or just above the ankle bone. Many times we can buy cropped pants and they are actually a great full length pant for us. So how can we wear this popular style and still feel good about the way we look?

  • Look for high waisted styles. They will naturally elongate the length of the leg.
  • Make sure you wear your shirt tucked into the waist.
  • Put on a pair of heels. Wedges are a great option in spring and summer for this style.

Big Prints

Who doesn’t love to wear a great, fun print. Mixing prints and patterns can be so much fun and make an outfit so interesting. It’s all about the scale and what the print draws the eye to. For example, vertical stripes can be our best friend, just not too wide. Their counterpart, horizontal stripes are a no-no for members of the short girl club not matter their width.

So go ahead and wear some fun prints just make sure that they are smaller, more delicate design. Also, keep the style of the garment in mind. If you are doing a print, make sure that the garment has simple, clean lines like a sheath dress. It’s better to stick with solids if you are a doing a maxi length.

Oversized Silhouettes

Yes, there are those years when oversized blazers, blouses, tunics are on trend. However, those styles are not petite friendly. Anything that has lots of fabric or boxy cuts is just too much for small proportions. For petites, it is just better to stick with things that are fitted closer to the body that don’t add bulk.

If you just have to follow along with the extra fabric trends, just remember to somehow give them shape. A thin belt or tie of some sort will help with that and keep the garment from swallowing you whole. Another option is that you can always have it nipped in at the waist by your seamstress.

Ankle Strap Shoes

Ankle strap shoes visually divide the leg at the bottom portion. This makes your legs look even shorter and can emphasize your ankles if they are not your favorite body part. A much better choice for petites is a sandal or a shoe that has a longer vamp. Pointy toe shoes will also help to elongate the foot if you also have petite feet.

If you just have to have a pair of ankle strap shoes, then find a great pair in nude that is close to your skin tone.

Every Short Girl Should Have a Seamstress That She Trusts

Yes, you heard me. You should have a seamstress that you love to work with and her number should always be in your phone. A good seamstress can make sure that your hemlines are at the correct length for all of your pants, skirts, and dresses. The other thing is that a seamstress can make the smallest tweaks at the waist and shoulders to make all of your things look like they were made to fit you. That is when you feel like you are a tall supermodel.


Thanks for taking the time to read my take on what my fellow members of the short girl club should not wear. If you are like me and don’t always find what you are looking for in the petite section I have written a post on how to shop brands that don’t sell petite sizing. You can read that here.

Remember to always have a little SASs in your day!


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