European Summer Outfits: How To Dress Like A Chic European Woman

European women always have a special allure to them. No matter when you see them they look oh so chic even in the summer heat. Their looks are always easy breezy, yet so well put together. Their nod to looking so good while beating the heat is something to aspire to. I thought I would break down some European summer outfits so that we can easily exude the same vibes.

So whether you are dreaming of a summer European vacation or want to look chic while having fun at home I am going to break down what those women do to look so good every time they step out of the house. Before we break down the formula for classy European summer outfits here are a few other posts you might want to check out.

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brunette woman wearing a white cap sleeve fit and flare midi dress example of typical european summer outfits
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European Summer Outfits That Will Make You Feel So Chic

European women always have an air of understated elegance in how they dress. It doesn’t matter if they are taking out the trash or going for an evening stroll for dinner they look chic and comfortable. My seamstress and I talk about this from time to time. She is from Ukraine and was a fashion designer when she lived there. We laugh that it doesn’t take a lot of effort to put on a simple dress and sandals in the summer to be in an elevated casual look. I find that to be more comfortable and cooler as I age. So maybe they have the right idea.

Let’s look at the basics of why they always look so good. When Europeans shop for warm weather there are things that they look for in their clothing.

  • Natural fabrics. Think cotton, linen, and silk. These fabrics are breathable and help to keep you cool.
  • Neutral colors and simple patterns. Having wardrobe basics like this makes it easier to dress for various situations.
  • Quality pieces that fit beautifully. Europeans are known for having quality over quantity. They also value having a proper fit. That is why I always joke that my seamstress is on speed dial. Proper fit and slight tweaks to a garment make such a difference.

Warm Weather Must Haves For Your Outfits

It is easy to duplicate a European woman’s outfits and make them your own if you have key pieces in your wardrobe. Most are classic pieces that you will wear for many summers. Remember the key is to find pieces that fit well and that you can mix and match. To pull off European summer outfits successfully there are three categories that you need to pay attention to.


A-line dresses

A-line dresses are a great one and done for warm weather. So easy to toss on with a pair of sandals or sneakers. The flowy fabric helps keep the air circulating and catch a breeze whenever you can. The dresses can be above the knee, midi length, or even maxi length.

The nice thing about A-line dresses is that they are flattering for most body types. The other important factor is that they are comfortable.

Linen Trousers

Linen trousers are an easy way to stay cool and look stylish at the same time. Not all women like to show their legs so linen trousers are a great option in warm weather. Linen trousers come in all styles. You can find them in wide-leg, cropped, or tapered-leg options.

My favorite for warm weather is always a wide-leg pant. They can be full-length or cropped.

White Shirt

I am always saying “Can one ever have too many white shirts?”. One or more good-quality white shirts are a must in any woman’s wardrobe. You can pair them with anything and everything and look put together. Cotton or linen for your white shirt is the way to go for warm weather.

I also like to have one that is a boyfriend or oversized cut in my wardrobe. This style is nice to wear tied at the waist. Pairs over a sleeveless dress or with pants and skirts.



European women are so good at pairing their “trainers” with everything in their wardrobe and looking stylish. Something that I have been working on as I age gracefully. It is always so nice to have supportive comfortable shoes on when you are doing a lot of walking.

A pair of white leather sneakers is a must. Fashion sneakers are also a good option to have. The fashion sneakers are good to have in a neutral color so they pair easily with your neutral wardrobe pieces.

Comfortable Sandals

Comfortable sandals are a must for walking around in the summer heat. The most common styles that pair with European summer outfits are neutral-colored slides or simple flat sandals and espadrilles.


Ballet flats and stylish loafers are also a must for your shoe collection. They are classic shoe styles that have been around forever and look lovely paired with classic wardrobe staples.


Accessories are always a fun way to show your personality. They also add that special finishing touch to any look.

Fabulous Sunglasses

Statement sunglasses are non-negotiable. Find the shape and color that is most flattering to your face and coloring. They can be an investment piece. However, good sunglasses in a classic style will stand the test of time.

Straw Bag

European summer outfits pair beautifully with straw bags. You can get basket bags, shoulder bags, crossbody bags, and clutches made of straw. They can be all straw, have some leather, or even embroidery. Pick one that suits your personality and it will be your go-to bag for the summer.

Lightweight Scarf

European women are so good at wearing scarves to add personality to a neutral outfit. Look for scarves that can be tied to your handbag, around your neck with your white shirt, or in your hair for an effortless good hair day.

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Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope you found a few items that make you feel more confident and chic this summer. It only takes a few good pieces to pull off the look of a fashionable European woman in summer.

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