M.M. LaFleur Review: Power Casual Comfort for Work From Home

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M.M. LaFleur Review: Power Casual Comfort for Work From Home

It is no secret that workwear for women has really changed over the years. I remember when I was in the direct to consumer clothing sales business women were just embracing going from true business wear to business casual. Even in the early 2000s business casual had a different feel to it. Now women of all ages and professions are opting for more of a power casual look. This can take them from meetings at the office to cocktails to even soccer practice. Today more than ever a woman’s workwear wardrobe has to really work for all facets of her life.

Today I am excited to share the brand M.M. LaFleur with you. For years, I have been hearing about their devoted shoppers. This brand has something for each and every professional woman out there regardless of age. So my friend Lindsay Veremis of Anchored In Elegance and I are going to share pieces from the Power Casual Collection with you and how they work for our lives.

Who Is M.M. LaFleur

Sarah LaFleur and Miyako Nakamura are the two ladies who dreamed up this line in 2013. Sarah LaFleur was a management consultant who knew from her personal experience that there was lack of stylish and practical workwear options out there for the modern woman. Miyako Nakamura had been the head designer for Zac Posen so she could envision and design beautiful, yet practical pieces that women can live in.

M.M. LaFleur is best known for introducing the concept of Power Casual to the world. This is the new way women are dressing for work and life. So often those lines are blurred as women search for work/life balance in their lives.

Not only do they help women with the dressing part of work/life balance, but they go above and beyond to create amazing customer service for the busy professional woman. They have a fabulous digital magazine, The M Dash. It’s theme is Living with Purpose. Here you can find find articles on wardrobe advice, career tips, and much more about what life is like as a working woman today.

What Sets Their Designs Apart

The design process at M.M. LaFleur makes sure that every piece includes

  • functional details – yes to adjustable hems and bra strap holders
  • comfort – their goal is I could take a nap in this comfortable
  • style – so you feel great in everything you wear from them when you enter a room
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How I Wear Power Casual

I am and have been a work from home lady for years now. Even though I may not see anyone in person or for that matter on screen I find that I am more productive if I am put together. To me getting dressed and comfort go hand in hand. Many days I will go out to run errands or for appointments so it is nice to feel good about the way I am presenting myself.

Comfort is important because I get up from my chair and do stretches or go for a walk. Thus, I prefer a pant with stretch over a pair of jeans. The Foster pant that I am wearing in these photos allows me to do all of those things. They are just as cute with a pair of sneakers as they are with heels. What I love about them is that they are a side zip pant and they have their signature adjustable hem. Yep. No hemming needed for the 5′ 1/2″ gal.

When it comes to power casual there are several styles of pants that you can choose from. M.M. LaFleur makes sure that they have pants for all of your style preferences. What I love and my customers loved from my direct selling days is that once you find “the pant” for you body you can get it in multiple colors. It just just makes life so much easier. If you like a wide leg pant enter the Milo Jean, if you want a skinny leg jean cut the Sammataro, or if you like a more traditional wool twill then the Smith pant works for you. Oh, they even have vegan leather in the Archie pant or the Harrington legging.

Why Every Woman Should Own a Jardigan

It is engrained in all women that they should own blazers. Yes, they are a very important workhorse in every woman’s wardrobe. However, when you meet the Jardigan it will take your power casual look up a notch. Think of it as your softest most comfortable blazer. You can think of oh so many ways to wear it. I am wearing the Woolf Jardigan in these photos. They have three different styles of Jardigans and this one is the medium length so there is a style that is great for every body type and length. Below are all three for you to see.

Honestly, this Jardigan will be your best travel companion. Just think, no wrinkling and takes up less space in the suitcase.

Tees and Layering Tops

I am wearing the Soyoung T-shirt under my jardigan. It is so soft and hugs in all of the right place and not too tight. The t-shirt is so well made that I would feel just as comfortable tucking it into a pencil skirt as I am a pair of my favorite jeans. The 3/4 length sleeve is nice for those in between months of cool, but not cold weather. Bonus is that it is available in nine colors. Again, it is one of those pieces that you just want to have in multiple colors in your wardrobe.

What is nice is that they design tees and layering pieces in all sleeve lengths. So if you are a sleeveless lover you would go for the Paige t-shirt. Longsleeves and turtlenecks are also options. Again, every design is offered in many colors so that you can mix and match to your heart’s content.

Petite Friendly

You know that I am always on the lookout for things that are petite friendly. Most of my clothes are not specifically made for petites. I have a method that I have narrowed down as to things I look for when I am shopping. You can read all of those tips here. I must say that if you are petite, you will be able to find many things in this line that will work for you with little to no alterations. That is always a win win in this short girl’s book.

Now I am going to turn this over to Lindsay Veremis . She is another petite fan of M.M. LaFleur and she is going to show you how she wears the power casual workwear when she teaches communications at Purdue University. Lindsay shares stories about fashion thru the eyes of a former news anchor. You can find her on Instagram here and her blog here.


Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by today. If you weren’t familiar with M.M. LaFleur I do hope that you will take a look at their things. Their new fall collection has some great pieces that you will definitely want to check out . Even though they are know as a workwear for women company, there are oh so many other occasions in life where there pieces come in handy. They truly know how to make clothes that work for a busy woman’s life.


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    Love it when our working wardrobe can be comfy too.

    1. I know. These pieces are so great for WFH, but would be great for travel too. They really do “work” for women.

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