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Midweek Meander #16: Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale access for everyone fell on Wednesday so I thought we would meander thru the sale today.

The Nordstrom Anniversary sale is the buzz in the retail world right now.  It is a sale that many anticipate every year.  Yes, they put fall things on sale before the season begins which in the world of retail is quite smart.  I don’t know about you, but fall and winter clothing and shoes are really the last thing on my mind.  I’m more inclined to be shopping for summer closet staples that are on sale.

Looking thru all of the items online reminds me of when I would get the Carlisle Collection clothing to set up my fall trunk show in August.  I could barely stand to get all of those wool pieces out of the boxes.  Let alone try them on.  However, a few people asked me what I buy in this sale so I put together a few collages and tell you why some of these things may go into my cart or I think that they are a good thing to purchase at this time.

Nordstrom Sale Beauty Items

Candles are always a good gift to self in my book.  These sets that are included in the sale are also nice to have around to stick into a gift for someone.

The YSL and Jo Malone perfumes are two of my favorite perfumes to wear in the fall and winter.

The Lancome eye makeup remover is always on my countertop and when I have purchased this in the past it lasts me the entire year. This is the lash thickener that I have used for years and it works.  The Tula and Fresh bundles are a nice way to try some clean beauty products.  I use the Tula cleanser daily and have the Fresh lip balm in several colors.  There is always one on my desk to use throughout the day.

Saving the BEST for last.  Slip silk pillowcases.  Mark and I both sleep on these and have for several years.  I do believe in the fact that it is better for your hair and your skin.  Also, they do not get hot during the night.  If you don’t sleep on silk pillowcases, treat yourself.  I promise you won’t go back to cotton.

Women’s Activewear/Clothing

nordstrom anniversary sale picks for her 2021

Ok, this is just some great basics.  Like I said, can’t really start thinking about my fall and winter wardrobe when is 90+ degrees outside.  I have grouped things together.  The upper left is some great lingerie that I really like.  Can one ever have too many pairs of undies?  Upper right is Spanx products.  I don’t have any of the bodysuits, but think this is the year to add one.  Bottom left is Zella jogger which I LOVE.  The answer is YES you can wear them other than around the house.  I wrote about how to style them here.  Bottom right is leggings and a cute style of workout top that I love.  The Zella leggings are very comfortable for workout wear or to wear casually.  I usually add a new pair every year.

Men’s Activewear/Clothing

Well, if you are like me at all you also have the job of procuring most of your husband’s clothing.  The Nordstrom anniversary sale is when I look for some good basics for Mark’s closet.  Nothing exciting, just things that he likes and that aren’t usually on sale except this time of year.

The three things that I will highlight are the Robert Barakett tshirts that come in a round neck or a vneck.  We keep both in Mark’s closet because they are great stand alones in the summer or layering pieces in the winter.  I like them because they wash and hang to dry nicely.  The other undershirt is by Tommy John.  This one he really likes because the vneck is deep enough that he can wear it under his good polo style shirts which is hard to find.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.  You can find out more information about any of the products by clicking on the revolving photos that are underneath each of the collage.  Let me know your favorite thing to buy from this annual sale.  I’m always curious.

Remember to have a little SASs in your day.


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