What Does Your Closet Say About You

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What does your closet say about you?  Have you ever taken a look into it with an objective eye?  It can tell a stranger what colors you like, what styles you prefer, what pieces of clothing you buy the most, even how you like to organize things.  It can tell someone if you prefers solids, stripes, patterns, or floral.

Our closet is also a window into our shopping habits.  Do you  buy things for the lifestyle that you live day in and day out?  Do you buy things with special occasions and events in mind? Lastly, do you buy classic pieces or trendy?

Recently, I took a good look into my closet and thought I would tell you about mine.  Since I have sold Carlisle for almost 15 years now my closet is full of classic pieces. Unfortunately, I do not wear these beautiful garments as much as I should.  There are more solids than patterns or stripes.  And yes, there are dresses that are for special occasions that have barely been worn.  Many of these classic pieces are not a part of my day to day dressing/lifestyle.  Do I get rid of these beautiful things?  Of course not.  My new goal is to make them work for my lifestyle.

I am going to show you a picture of what my true typical dressing is like.   Yes, a denim skirt and a cute t-shirt.  To complete the look I usually have on a cute pair of sneakers.

Second look is a beautiful classic white skirt from Carlisle which has not see much action.  The moment I laid my eyes on this skirt several years ago I fell in love.  Details, details.  So my mission was to find a cute grey and silver t-shirt so that the feel of the skirt became more casual.

Do you have things that you need to find new ways to wear them?  I challenge you to pull out something that you love, but don’t wear often and create a new look that works for your current lifestyle.

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