Best Of Land’s End For Women: Spring Summer Petites

brunette woman wearing a white eyelet dress carrying a rattan handbag, a dress that is the best of land's end for women this season

Land’s End is a name that has been around for years. It is a brand many have always turned to for certain pieces. When I think of Land’s End, my mind always registers great outerwear and swimsuit selections. However, this season several other items caught my eye. As with all retailers, they have seasons where you find great pieces and then the next you don’t. Well this season, I must say that Land’s End for Women has had some great pieces.

Before you check out my Land’s End for Women finds of the season, here are some other petite fashion posts you might want to check out.

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Land’s End For Women: Spring Summer Try-On

For this post, there is a combination of spring and summer items. I must remember living in the South that some of the spring items I have put away are still appropriate for others living in cooler climates. Some of the items I keep and some of them I return. Just because I return them doesn’t mean they aren’t worth checking out. So you are going to see a combination of selfie photos in this post and then photos captured by Katie. She is the photographer who always makes me look good.

Land’s End is known for fitting so many body types. Many of the pieces are offered in regular and petite sizing. Also, they have a great selection of plus-size pieces. For this post, all of the pieces are petite sizing.

I will always share with you if I keep it or not. There are many reasons I return things. It could be the fit or the color. I may not need the item. Or it may not work for my body type or lifestyle.

Sizing Notes: I am 5’1/2″ and usually wear an XS or an XXS. I typically wear size 25 jeans, and 0 or 2P pants.

What I Have Tried This Season

So here are the pieces that have caught my eye this season.

Petite Dresses For Women

I love a good casual dress in the summer. Short, midi, or maxi. This season Land’s End for Women had one of each that I had to order. Any of these are great for everyday or vacation.

White Eyelet Shirt Dress

This white eyelet shirt dress was the find of the summer in my opinion. I am wearing a P2 in the dress. When I took it into my seamstress to have her take in a little under the arms (a common alteration for me) she could not get over the fabric’s quality for the dress’s price.

I love the flounce detail on the hem of the dress. It adds just enough of a feminine touch to the shirt dress. It is a dress that you will not only wear and enjoy this summer but for many summers. You see why eyelet every summer and the style is classic. It is also available in navy blue. I would actually consider this in navy if my size were still available.

A dress that is very deserving of the Best of Land’s End for Women stamp of approval from me. I will also say that several of my followers and newsletter readers have scooped this one up. If you haven’t done so yet, you might want to add it to cart while reading this.

Sleeveless Rib T-Shirt Dress
brunette woman wearing a olive green t-shirt dress, one of the best of land's end summer for women dresses
Dress | Sneakers (use code SAS10 for 10% off)

I will confess that I love a good T-shirt dress for summer. So good with sneakers and sandals. I find them to be cooler than shorts once the humidity kicks in here in the South. The fabric on this one is a great weight. You do not see through it. The ribbing is nice because it makes it so you don’t see lingerie lines.

The description says that it is sleeveless. I feel like it is more like a cap sleeve. My shoulder is covered and the sleeve hits at a flatter place on the upper arm. The belt is nice so that you can let it hang loose if that is the look you prefer on your body type or you can tie it like I did to give the dress more shape.

As for me, I will wear this dress all summer and into September. It will be something I pull out on days that I want to look a little like fall even though it is hotter than blazes outside. It is also available in black and a pretty shade of brown.

Sleeveless Tie Waist Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are a style that I have just started embracing. I always felt that I couldn’t pull off a full-length dress in a casual way. Once I figure out some things to look for in a maxi I am comfortable in them. The fact that this dress has a tie at the waist makes it work for me and my body type. The skirt lays nicely. It is not too close to the body, yet not too full.

This dress is one you would wear if you wanted to feel like you were on vacation or if you were on vacation. I could also see wearing this to an outdoor party. You will feel put together and comfortable at the same time. The fabric is like a t-shirt material. It is made with Tencel which is an eco-friendly fabric. I am wearing the PXS.

I also tried this full-length dress. Sadly I did not take a selfie in it before I returned it. This dress is also a great one for petites in the vertical green stripe. What petite doesn’t love a good vertical stripe for looking taller? The dress in a PXS was too big on me. If it came in a PXXS I would have loved having it in my closet. If try it, then I would recommend ordering your regular size and one size down.

I am waiting for this full-length dress to come in. Once I get it I will update the post with a photo and my thoughts. I couldn’t resist trying the one-shoulder detail.

Petite Tops

Women’s Cotton Rib T-shirt

Cotton t-shirts can be difficult to find in petite sizing. This is a great t-shirt, in my opinion, and I may or may not own it in more than one color now. The cotton fabric has a very fine ribbing to it. It is a great weight, not too thin and not too heavy. The sleeves are a flattering length. There isn’t an annoying tag on the back of the neck. However, the biggie is that it washes beautifully and comes out of the dryer not needing to be ironed. Woohoo. This t-shirt is available in 17 colors/fabric options. Again, the fabric’s quality for the price is a winner. I would say that it is true to size, wearing a PXS.

This t-shirt is deserving of the Best of Land’s End for Women award. Fingers crossed they will keep making this one just as it is season after season.

Cotton Tank Top

A cotton tank top is another thing that is difficult to find. This tank top is made of the same soft cotton as the t-shirt. Love the fact that it doesn’t have the annoying take at the back of the neck. It seems to be made with a slightly looser fit than the cotton rib t-shirt. I would say that it is a generous PXS.

I felt that this was just a bit too boxy and big for me so I sent it back. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try it if you like to wear tank tops. It is a good one, just not for me.

Lightweight Jersey Tank

This is the cutest T-shirt. Sadly, my selfie talents did not show off the ruffle neckline very well. The v-neck on this is very flattering. The ruffle detail is not too big and overwhelming. The cotton blend fabric has a nice stretch to it. I could see wearing this top with shorts, casual skirts, and pants.

Unfortunately, this is another shirt that ran large. I would say the black was almost a size too big. I went online and read the reviews. What I thought was interesting is that some people had ordered it in multiple colors. Some colors were true to size and others were big. If you like this style of top, try it in a couple of colors. See what works. I would have kept this one if it had fit.

Lightweight Jersy Pintuck Tank Top
Top | Pants

Oh, what cute details this v-neck top has. The weight of the fabric is great. I tried it because many women like a top they don’t have to tuck in. This top has a shape to it so it can look as nice untucked as tucked in. The back is slightly longer than the front which is also nice for an untucked look.

It is made from Tencel. The fabric has great stretch to it and it doesn’t have the annoying tag in the back of the neck. This one fits true to size. I returned it because I didn’t need another white top. Since it comes in 5 different fabrics it may make its way into my closet in another color.

Petite Pants

I am just going to say that I don’t think Land’s End pants are for my body. I tried three different styles of petite pants for the purposes of this post and I only took a selfie in one of them. They are cut generously, too generously for me. That happens with some brands.

The one pant that I had hoped would work is this utility pant. These are great pants, but were a size too big on me. I liked the color, the cut, and the fabric. If you are looking for a utility pant, try them. They would also be a great pair of pants for that fall transition time of year.

The other pair of pants that I tried was these casual linen pants. Oh my, it seemed like they were almost two sizes too big for me. I know that they are a loose fit, but these were very loose. The green color is stunning, but back in the bag they went.

High Rise Wide Leg Pleated Pant

Ok, here are the positives about these pants. The style is attractive. The back elastic waistband is very nicely done and would be comfortable. The rise is good and helps elongate short legs. The linen fabric is nice.

Now for the negatives. They are a size too big for me and I am wearing the smallest size, a 2P. I have them clipped in the back for this selfie. Even if they had fit I would have returned them in white. I would consider them in another color that is not so sheer. So this pant is a toss-up for me. I would suggest you try them in your regular size and a size smaller. I would not recommend the white. It was a bit too sheer for me. Any of the other five color options are worth a try.


Waterproof Hooded Packable Jacket

This jacket is fabulous for spring, summer, and early fall. I feel like any petite woman who needs a rain jacket should consider this one. So many cute colors and a classic style. Great pockets. The interior cord is great so you can give it some shape. The hood. It packs up into a small envelope so it is great for travel. Need I say more? Oh, it is also available in ten different colors.

What a great find that truly deserves the Best of Land’s End for Women stamp of approval from me.


Drifter V Neck Cable Sweater

I took a chance on this cotton cable sweater since it did not come in petite sizing and I am so glad that I did. The only place that it didn’t fit was the sleeve length. The way that the cuffs are designed you can’t tell that I have them turned back.

This sweater is great for spring in the South. In the summer it is a nice option to throw around your shoulders. It would be great if you were vacationing somewhere where there are chilly or breezy evenings. You can pair this sweater with anything your heart desires. I also like the navy version that has a white stripe. It would be so great with anything white. A classic sweater that you will love having for many warm weather seasons.

This sweater truly deserves the Best of Land’s End for Women award from me. I believe that it is a style they make season after season. We will have to see if it returns in the fall or next spring.

Land’s End Returns Policy

Land’s End makes returning things easy. As you can tell from this post, I have experience with it. There are three ways you can return your items.

  • Happy Returns – you just print out a QR code and they give you a list of options where you can take the items. I go to my local UPS store.
  • By Mail – you can print out a label and drop it in the mail.
  • In Store – click here for the store locator. I think they still have about 20 stores in the U.S.
Thanks, Let’s Keep In Touch

Thanks so much for stopping by. Land’s End has some great clothing that has a place in every woman’s closet. I hope this helped you find something that you will enjoy this season. Please let me know in the comments section if you have something that you always shop for from this retailer.

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