Rule of Three – How to Increase Wearability

woman wearing yellow pencil skirt with a floral top as an example of rule of three

My Rule of Three applies to new pants or skirts that are gong into my closet.  What is my Rule of Three and why do I have it you might ask?  For years, I would buy a piece of clothing (you know I love my separates for mixing and matching) and then have to ponder over what I was going to pair it with other than a boring white or black piece.  Yet, this rule can apply to tops or bottoms.

My Rule of Three is this.  Each bottom has to have thee different top options that are completely different looks.  Those options can already live in my closet or I can purchase something new.

This yellow skirt from J. Crew has been one of my favorite purchases of the season. Mixing and matching it  with tops that were already in my closet has been fun.  Each top gives the skirt a completely different look and vibe.

Looks #1 and #2 are both business casual appropriate in my mind.  I wanted to give a sleeveless and a long sleeved option for ideas.  Look #3 is a bit more casual.  The blouse is a bit oversized and tied at the waist to give it a more relaxed feel.  The featured image is also a more business casual look.

Needless to say, once I found all of these interesting top options in my closet it made my skirt purchase even more rewarding.  This rule can be applied to any color or pattern of skirt or pant.

Do you have fashion rules for the clothes that you bring into your closet?  How do you maximize the amount of wear for a new piece of clothing?  I would love to know what works for you and your wardrobe.

Wishing you a lovely, productive week.



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  1. What a brilliant, simple rule! It’s rare that I buy anything that needs ironing because we travel so much. My strictest rule is that anything new has to be in my color palette (a black and white base with bursts of primaries). Also, when I bring a new purchase into my closet I have to throw out something else to create space.

    1. I agree about the new purchase/getting rid of something else. I try to do that unless it is something that is so unlike anything else in my closet.

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