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Cringing when you think of wearing a swimsuit and showing lots of skin. Well, in the last few years, more and more designers are paying attention to women who want to wear a modest bathing suit. Yes, we want to feel confident in a swimsuit and not bare too much. There are so many modest swimsuits that you will love and feel great about wearing. We just have to find “the one” that matches your criteria.

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Modest Swimsuits You Will Love to Wear This Season

Who doesn’t like to get a new swimsuit before a big trip or just to enjoy the summer? Modest swimsuits are also good to have in the wardrobe if you like to do water aerobics or other water activities. Yes, think of water parks or paddleboarding. The last thing you want when enjoying fun activities is to have a swimsuit malfunction or have to keep pulling it back into place.

What is a “modest swimsuit”?

A modest swimsuit is a swimsuit that offers full coverage and covers the tummy. That does not mean that all modest swimsuits are one piece. There are many versions of the two-piece bathing suit out there that are considered modest. Those come in handy for many of us because not all of us are the same size on top and bottom. Also, the modest two-piece is great for petites. I know I have issues with torso length when I am looking for a one-piece bathing suit.

So what styles are typically considered modest:

  • One piece swimsuits
  • Swimsuits with tummy control (who doesn’t love that)
  • Tankinis
  • Swimsuits with skirts
  • Two piece swimsuits with shorts options on bottom (great for active vacations)

Tips for Modest Swimsuits for Petites

I am a petite woman so I understand your search for modest swimsuits you will love to wear and feel confident in. The last thing that we want is for the swimsuit to be too long in the shoulder area or the torso. For the shoulder area/straps, the easiest thing to do is to find adjustable straps. If not, check to see if it is an easy alteration. I know that I have had that done for swimsuits and sundresses and the cost is minimal.

A great modest swimsuit option for petites is the tankini. We don’t want lots of extra material at the bottom so look for a solid or a pattern that you can easily hem. Only you will have to know how easy it was to make the tankini fit your body and look great. I live by the motto that if I feel good in my clothes, then I know I look good in them too.

woman wearing modest swimsuits you will love to wear in teal and a straw hat

Hermoza Swimsuit | Hat

Places to Buy Modest Swimsuits You Will Love to Wear

Many designers and brands have recognized the woman that wants to wear a swimsuit but doesn’t feel comfortable baring too much. Not all of their line is modest, but you will always find modest swimsuits from them season after season. I thought it would be helpful to break the brands down by a few categories that come to mind when I am looking for a modest swimsuit.

Since many of these brands are primarily online I thought I would include this handy tutorial on how to measure women’s swimsuits sizes.

UPF 50

Yes to the wonders of UPF 50 fabrics. Some brands specialize in UPF 50 fabrics and they know what they are doing. Not only do they offer modest swimsuits, but they offer clothing and hats. If you are concerned about your skin and sun exposure/damage then here are the brands I would turn to:


Coolibar is sun protection that you wear. They make every type of clothing that you will need to enjoy the great outdoors and not have to worry about sun protection. Their clothing is functional, comfortable, and stylish. What’s great about their women’s swimsuits is that most are sold as separates so you can find an option that you will feel comfortable in.

Cabana Life

Cabana Life UPF clothing always has the happiest of colors and patterns. Yes, if you are concerned with sun safety then this is a brand you will want to wear over and over. The company is founded by a female skin cancer survivor that wants to make sure to spread the word about prevention thru her brand.

I am linking a few of their swim options. There are so many cute ones that it is hard to pick a favorite and they always come in so many cute color/pattern options. You can see their entire swim line by clicking here.

Luxury Brands

Swimsuits from these brands are a little pricier, but they all have great designs and fabrics. Sometimes we just fall in love with a certain design element or color and have to have it.

Each of the brands listed above has beautiful suits every season. I am linking a few from each brand that I have either worn or that I think would be something I would feel confident wearing.


Looking for something cute, modest, and doesn’t break the bank. If so, then here are some brands that you should check out. They have cute designs and great colors. I will link photos of a few that you can click on or you can click on the link below and it will take you to their line.


As always, thank you for stopping by my blog post. I appreciate it. I hope that today’s post helps you find a modest swimsuit if you are in the market for one. Just remember that with bathing suits you have to try, try, and try again to find “the one” that fits your body and makes you feel great. Life is too short not to get out and enjoy!

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This post was updated April 2023.

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