How The Details Make a Difference

woman wearing and simple outfit where details make a difference

The details make a difference.  You can take the simplest of outfits and by adding details make them into an over the top ensemble.  How does that happen?  Mix accessories, jewelry, and shoes with simple pieces.

I have always been a big fan of separates. To be even more exact, classic separates.  With a good mix of those in your closet you should be able to go in and easily pull together an ensemble.  A favorite cut of denim and a classic button down blouse were the building blocks of today’s ensemble.

This blouse is a simple blouse, but what sets it apart is the shimmer and shine.  It is made of a soft gold metallic ramie (feels and breathes like linen).  In order to complete this ensemble I added some more sparkle and shine.  This pair of wedges (similar) from a few years ago would ground my look, the little rattan handbag with its jeweled clasp would add some texture and neutral color, and for my ears I selected these vintage hoops that have amber colored sparkly stones.

My only current season purchase for this ensemble is the blouse.  Due to its clean, classic lines it will be a keeper for many years to come .  Metallic fabrics will always be an interesting addition to an ensemble.   All of the other pieces were items that have lived in my repository for some time.  Each has a little sparkle of its own and is used with many other basic pieces in my wardrobe.

Building a classic wardrobe takes time.  By adding a few classic pieces your love each season you can be well onto your way of building a wardrobe with details that make a difference and that works for you and your lifestyle.

Ladies, make it a good, productive week.


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  1. Adding special pieces really can uplift or change the outfit completely. Love this post!

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