The Best Lightweight Spring Jackets For Petites

Lightweight spring jackets and layers are always handy to have. Not just in the spring, but also in the summer. Here in the South businesses blast the A/C in the summer. I don’t know about where you live. My motto is to take something with me so I am prepared and not shivering.

So whether you live in the South like me or in a part of the country (or world) where spring is a longer season it’s good to have a variety of lightweight jackets and sweaters. Not only does it provide just enough warmth, but it can also complete your look of the day.

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Lightweight Spring Jackets And Layers You Will Wear On Repeat

Every year when spring weather rolls in I tell myself I need to learn to layer better. Some parts of the country have more true spring weather than others. Living in the South, it seems like our springs are pretty short. We seem to have a few weeks of the mild weather and then our heat and humidity hit us well before the first day of summer.

I have figured out in the last few years that I still need certain lightweight layers that I can pull out on repeat. They come in handy for spring weather, traveling to cooler weather, and for the frigid A/C in the summer.

3 Types of Lightweight Layers

There are three types of lightweight jackets and layers I tend to reach for regularly. Each of them can go with so many of your wardrobe essentials and classics to finish off an outfit. If you don’t have at least one of these three, then I suggest you “add to cart” even if it is late in your spring season. They will still get more wear than you think.

Waterproof Jacket

A waterproof, windproof, lightweight, packable jacket is a must. My favorite features are the drawstring cord the waist, the hood, and pockets. This jacket is not only cute, but it is also functional. Yes, it packs down into a little pouch. You will never pack a suitcase without it again. The fit is true to size (wearing a PXS) and comes in 10 colors.

The style is classic. It will not go out of style. You can pull this out in five years for a rainy spring day or to take on a trip and be so glad that you own it. Some of the 10 colors will even work for fall.

Lightweight Sweaters

Sweaters are such an easy layer to add to an outfit. Cotton or cashmere come in handy depending on your body temperature and aren’t as bulky as wearing a jacket. You can always find them in neutral colors, but sometimes it’s fun to add a splash of color.

What I love about the sweater I am wearing above is that it is designed to be worn four ways. You can tie it like I did, you can let it hang loose, it can be buttoned for a wrap look. I am wearing it in regular size, but some colors are available in petite sizing.

Cardigan sweaters are always a favorite. You can wear them as part of a sweater set, as a top, or draped around your shoulders with a sleeveless top or dress. Never underestimate their use. So a classic cardigan like this one should be in your closet. Longer cardigans look great with a pair of tapered pants, jeans, or a skirt. Here are some great cardigan options.

Another type of sweater that comes in handy is a cropped sweater. These are great to have to put over a dress or to act as a jacket for a business casual type of setting. I love the button details on this one for a business casual look. If they are a 3/4 sleeve and short enough, petites can usually wear regular sizing. Remember to check the length.

Cropped Jacket / Denim Jacket

Some women love to wear a denim jacket with everything. For some reason, I have never been one of those ladies. Just going to admit it. I like them on others, but not so much on myself. Maybe I haven’t found the one of my dreams. I’ll keep looking and trying and will keep you posted.

I did find some great chambray jackets and short-sleeved denim jackets. The chambray fabric would be softer than denim. The short-sleeved denim jacket is such a great option for women who don’t like to show their upper arms.

A petite-friendly jacket that I like and recommend for everyone is this linen jacket. I wear an XXS in this jacket and my alteration hack is to have the cuffs tacked back. That alteration is much less expensive than having the sleeves hemmed and looks just as cute. No one will ever know the difference unless you tell them. Tommy Bahama makes this jacket every year. It is always available in core neutral colors and each year they have seasonal colors. It looks and styles like a denim jacket, but it is not nearly as heavy. Trust me, you will be glad you have this jacket in your closet. I know that I am. You will wear it with dresses, shorts, pants, and jeans.

Here are some cute cropped jackets that you will wear this spring and summer.

Thanks, Let’s Keep In Touch

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I hope that you found some ideas for great lightweight spring jackets and layers to add to your closet. I am one to admit that this is not always an exciting item to shop for, but having a few of them to pull out comes in handy many months of the year. What is your favorite type of lightweight spring layer to wear?

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