How To Have Your Best Eyebrows Over 50: Tips, Serums, Gels, And Pencils

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Our eyebrows are something we have had since day one and they change just like the rest of our bodies. If you are over 50 and reading this, there is a good chance that you and the tweezers were good friends when you were younger. Also, our eyebrows are hair just like the hair on our heads and thinning does happen. That doesn’t mean that you can’t have your best eyebrows yet. You may need the right products and a few tips to get you there.

Our eyebrows do a few things for us. They accentuate our eyes, shape our faces, and play a powerful role in communication. I know mine are always moving when I am talking. How about you? Fear not if you don’t like the way your brows are looking. There are little things and good habits that you can do to have your best eyebrows as you age gracefully.

Before we figure out how to get your best-looking brows here are a few other beauty posts you might want to check out.

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Best Brows After 50, How To Make It Happen

Even though I did not go tweezer happy in my youth, I have noticed that parts of my brows aren’t as thick as they used to be. I also saw a grey not too long ago. I am always open about all of the anti-aging things that I do to keep it so that I age gracefully.

For my best brows after 50, I go to my aesthetician every couple of months to have her shape my brows and then she trims a few of the long hairs to maintain the shape. She also likes to tint my brows. My aesthetician, Barbara, always reminds me that as we mature we need to keep every hair we can.

Along with these visits I tweeze underneath my brows between visits to keep them tidy. I also use a brow gel to fill in when I need to. Above my brows, I get a little light-colored peach fuzz. To maintain that I use this little device very carefully. It just cleans things up nicely. I also use it in between my eyebrows to keep things tidy. I find that my makeup goes on smoother and looks better to me.

So for this post, I have asked my aesthetician and my favorite midlife makeup guru at my local Sephora for their top picks for keeping eyebrows looking their best for older women.

Simple Tips To Rejuvenate Your Brows


Just like our hair, our eyebrows need to be groomed regularly. You want to keep them neat. Sometimes we have that stray long hair, trim it with eyebrow scissors. If you have stray hairs underneath your eyebrows you can easily tweeze the strays. Make sure that you are using tweezers made for brows. They have a special slant to the blades which makes it easier. The other thing that is easy to do is just use an eyebrow brush to brush them up and out to make them look nice and tidy.

Protect Them From Damage

Avoid rubbing or tugging on your eyebrows. They are delicate hairs that we want to protect and preserve. Also, protect them from the sun. I am a firm believer that if you are outside for extended periods in sunshine you need to wear a UPF 50 hat. It not only protects your skin from harmful rays but also your hair.

Promote Regrowth

We want to ensure that we are nourishing our bodies so that the hair on our heads is healthy and growing, and our eyebrow hair. I firmly believe in hair supplements for that and have used this one for years now. A bonus is that I also have healthy, strong nails from taking hair supplements.

How To Get Your Eyebrows To Grow Or Regrow

Whether you wish you hadn’t been tweezer happy or waxing happy in the past or your eyebrows are just naturally thinning there are things that you can use to promote healthier brows. Just like our hair, it can take time. As always, a healthy diet rich in protein and iron can help with any of the ways that you try to stimulate your eyebrow hair to grow.

One of the most common ways to naturally restore your eyebrows is using castor oil. Yes, that oil that has been around forever has so many benefits. Best of all, it is inexpensive. It will moisturize your eyebrows and keep them from breaking or further damage.


Over the last several years several brands have formulated serums to promote eyebrow growth. Just like anything you have to do your research to figure out which one is best for your skin and eyebrows. You put them on like mascara or tinted brow gel with a wand, usually at night. These products help to nourish the hair and promote growth. Here are some of the most popular eyebrow serums in the marketplace now.

Best Clean Beauty Products To Fill In Your Eyebrows

When it comes to products around my eyes I prefer to use clean beauty products. It doesn’t happen 100% of the time, but I try. So for this post, I wanted to suggest gels and pencils from clean beauty companies.

So the question is this. Should you use a brow gel or a brow pencil to get your best eyebrows? Eyebrow gels are great for those of us who have good eyebrow hair and just want to enhance our brows and make them stay in place. Eyebrow pencils are good to use when you want to add detail or more structure to your brows.

Brow Gels

I use a brow gel regularly. You can get them in many shades or clear. I keep both since I get mine tinted from time to time. When the tint is fresh I use a clear gel. If I need to add some color refresh this is my current go-to. Here are some eyebrow gel options from some of my favorite clean beauty brands.

Brow Pencils

You will notice that the tips of the eyebrow pencils are different shapes. I think that you would need to figure out which shape worked best for your needs. I do like how all of these pencils don’t have to be sharpened and they have a brush on the opposite end so that it is easy for you to blend the color into your eyebrows. Who wants to hunt for another brush all of the time.

Thanks, Let’s Keep In Touch

Thanks so much for stopping by my post today. I hope you found a tip or product that will make you feel like you have the best eyebrows in years. Sometimes we just need a friendly reminder for a new good habit or a good product recommendation. If you have a clean beauty product that works great for you, please let me know in the comments. I love hearing from my readers.

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  1. Connie Falcone says:

    Hi! I just want to say that I adore your blog! I have learned so much, and picked up some nice items, too!
    About brows–I am nearly 68, and my brows have almost deserted me! I have tried all of the products and procedures you list here, but nothing helped until I got them microbladed in December! I asked for a natural, mot overly-thick look, and that’s what I got. Best of all, I don’t have to worry about pencils, gels, serums, or anything else anymore! In fact, I can just go out now with only tinted sunscreen and lipstick–my face looks framed and “done” with my new brows! I heartily recommend microblading/shading for everyone!

    1. Hi Connie,
      Thank you so much for the kind words. This blog is a labor of love. I am so glad you enjoy it. I try to keep things interesting around here.

      I know other who have loved their microblading. Sounds like you found a great person to go to. Love it that it makes you feel so great.

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