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I must confess that two things must go on my face every day. Sunscreen and mascara. Well, actually as I write this, there is a third. Some sort of lip moisturizer. Yes, it doesn’t matter if no one or only my cats see me I have those three beauty products on my face. For the last few months, I have been trying out different brands of clean mascara. So today I am going to let you in on why and which ones I like for making my eyes look and feel great.

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Why I Made The Switch To Clean Mascara

My clean journey is an ongoing saga. Little by little I am cleaning things up that are in my makeup drawer. Will I ever be using 100% clean products? I’m not sure, but what I will say is that every year there are more and more really good clean beauty products out there that rival the ones that we have been using forever. So don’t be hesitant to try something new when you run out of one of your holy grail products. Who knows… might be surprised and fall in love.

When I started my clean beauty journey I learned that mascaras had lots of chemicals in them. So finding one that was clean and that performed for my eyes was on my to do list.

Another thing is that as I have aged I didn’t like having to rub my eyelashes and the delicate skin around my eyes any more that I had to. If you use regular mascara, the you know what I’m talking about. Not only the rubbing to get all of it off, but you are using a eye makeup remover that has even more chemicals in it.

Now I can easily get ALL of my mascara off when I use this gentle, clean cleanser and soft wash cloth. It is so nice not to have to scrub the delicate skin under my eyes.

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What is “Clean Mascara”

The beauty industry is not highly regulated so the ingeredients in clean products can vary. In general, when it comes to mascara a clean mascara is one that is free of many chemicals and preservatives that are found in traditional mascara. The chemicals found in traditional mascaras can include carbon black, parabens, phthalates, silicones, and synthetic dyes and fragrances.

Clean mascaras are usually made of natural ingredients such as beeswax, and plant, vegetable, and fruit oils. Since there are no chemicals they tend to be better for people with sensitive eyes.

Mascaras That I Tried And Keep on Rotation

Each of these mascaras has something in particular that I like about them. All of them have a couple of things in common. They are good for my lashes and all are easy to remove at night without tugging on the delicate skin around my eyes. So let’s dive into the particulars of each and why they have a spot in my makeup drawer.


Kosas the Big Clean is the mascara that I reach for when I want really full, thick lashes with a great curl. This formula contains a hair-care serum that supports stronger healthier lashes. It is a long wearing mascara that does not flake on me. You can find it here at Sephora, Nordstrom, or Amazon. Same price at all three locations. Just depends upon where you prefer to shop. It comes in a classic black.

To get really full, fluffy lashes you just use the oversized rainbow brush by pressing it into the base of your lashes and wiggling it through the end of your lashes. You can use just one coat or wait 30 seconds and apply a second coat to get a more dramatic effect.


Ilia Limitless is an award winning, buildable mascara. It is loved by lash enthusiasts and makeup artists. I find it to be a great every day look mascara. It really gives your lashes an enhanced natural look if you will. Ilia uses a unique dual sided brush for application. You use the shorter side to curl your lashes and create volume and the longer bristles to lift, lengthen, and separate.

The Ilia formula contains beeswax, shae butter, and keratin. All of these ingredients condition your lashes and promote healthy lashes. It comes in a classic black shade. Again, another mascara that is easy for me to remove at night with water and my favorite gentle cleanser. You can shop for this fomula at Sephora, or Amazon.


Tarte has two mascaras that I have tried out. The Tartelette and Lights, Camera, Lashes. One thing that this line has that other clean lines do not is a primer. Yes, they have the Opening Act primer. This primer is an ultra conditioning treatment for your lashes. Not only does it conditions your lashes, but it provides volume before you put on your mascara.

Lights, Camera Lashes

This vegan mascara is known for its curl. But this one doesn’t stop with curl. It also lengthens and volumizes your lashes. Tarte refers to it as a push up bra for your lashes.

What I like about this formula is that it is available in brown and black. I love a good brown mascara. It is also deosn’t smudge or flake on me. No problems with easily removing it at night either. Another plus is that this formula is also available in a waterproof formula called Lights, Camera, Splashes.


Well, Tartelette was my first tubing mascara to try. I have to admit that I really like the look of it on my lashes. First of all tubing mascara is not in a tube. It is in a container that looks like all other mascaras.

Tubing mascara is made up of a formula of polymers that wrap around each individual lash. The “tubes” that you are putting onto each of your lashes doesn’t budge. Tartlette provides volume and length like you would not believe on each of your lashes. It contains sahe butter to condition and castor oil to moisturize every lash, giving a look that is fabulous in my opinion. I will say that this is probably the clean mascara that I reach for most often. It is a great every day look that stays put all day long and is very easy to remove at night. You can find it at Sephora, Ulta, or Amazon.


Thanks so much for stopping by my blog today. I truly appreciate every read. If you haven’t tried clean mascara before, I hope you will give one of these a try when you run out of your current favorite. Some of them even come in travel size which is how I love to try a new product if possible. Please let me know if decide to try one. You can also find me on Pinterest and Instagram. Would love if you would follow me there too.

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  1. I feel like now that I’ve discovered tubing mascara, I have found the magic formula. They stay put and come off so easy.
    Thanks for sharing these brands, I’ll check them out.

    1. I know. The tubing mascara is amazing. As we age, who want to tug on our delicate eye skin to get our mascara off.

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