Lipstick Must Haves to Update Your Fall Look

lipstick must haves

Lipstick Must Haves to Update Your Fall Look

With every new season, there are colors that dominate the retailers. It’s no secret that the beauty counters always have new “it” colors every season too. There is no easier way to feel good than a great new lipstick. I thought I would break down the lipstick must haves of the Fall 2022 season for you.

Remember this when you are shopping for lipstick. There is a shade out there for everyone. Sometimes that shade in the tube may not look great, but once you swipe it on it could be THE ONE of the season. So think a little outside of your box and give a new shade a whirl this season.

If you aren’t comfortable with wearing a bright lip in midlife, then you can read my tips for how to do so here. A bright lip can be the best thing for a gloomy day to lift your spirits.

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Trending Shades for Fall 2022

This year it seems like there is something out there for everyone. You will see everything from some classic reds to burgundy to purples. Of course, you will always see some amazing orange, brown and pinks just like in the scarf above. One thing that you will want to keep in mind is to make sure that the colors you buy are hydrating. We’ll talk more about ways to keep your lips hydrated later in this post.

I must say that I do have my favorite go to brands for lipstick year in and year out. There are also a couple in this list of fall colors to try that are newer to me. Remember this, you will always want to use a liner. It doesn’t have to be matchy matchy to the lipstick color. A clear primer pencil like this is so handy and then you don’t have to have a drawer full to sort thru.

Reds for Fall

Mac Sin. This is a deep shade of red that they say will look good on all skin tones. It is pigmented for all day wear.

YSL’s Bold High Pigment Lipstick in Rouge Paradox is an amazing blue red. Blue reds are usually great on fair skin tones. They make your skin look brighter and teeth whiter. Now who doesn’t like that?


Cle de Peua Beaute Midnight Dew is an amazing purpley pink lipstick. This liquid lipstick is long wearing and has brilliant shine. This brand is know for it’s very hydrating lip products.

YSL’s Bold High Pigment Lipstick in Undeniable Plum is a rich berry color. Again, if you are looking for an highly pigmented satin lipstick with a buildable shine check out all of their new colors for the season.


Nars Jane is a combination of orange, red and nude. All three colors rolled into one makes it a perfect shade for fall on most skin tones.

Charlotte Tilbury Hot Lips in Tell Laura is a warm orange red that is a perfect shade for fall and winter. If you want to warm it up a bit more try a sparkly gold lip gloss on top.


Ok, now onto one of my very favorite shades to wear in the fall and winter. I know so many of my friends look at me oddly when I tell them that, but trust me give it a try. With a gold lip gloss on top it can be stunning. So warm and rich.

Nars Killer Queen is a rose brown. My personal experience with rose browns is that they are not too brown. So if you life to wear rose colored lipstick, but want to warm things up a bit for fall then try this one.

Merit Slip is just a nice neutral color with brown tones. Perfect for a daytime look. They are a clean beauty brand that I really like and all of their products that I have tried are very moisturizing.

Nars Velvet Matte Lipstick Pencil in Bahama is a great pink brown to have around in the fall. Not too pink, not too brown. I have used the Nars Lipstick Pencils for years and love the way that they stay on. Many time is will use a gloss over them for a little shine. Sometimes a brown like this one or just a good clear gloss.

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Tips for Keeping Your Lips Hydrated

As we all know, with cooler weather comes drier air and the heat. Staying on top of keeping your lips hydrated is so important. One thing that we geek out about around our home is the humidity level. One of these little gadgets is the best thing to invest in. Ok, when I tell people about hygrometers they roll their eyes, but what a difference to have your humidity levels at optimal levels. Think no static cling too. You can thank me later this winter. This will help you figure out what your levels should be.

We always had built in humidifiers in our last home and will have them again. For now, we use a small humidifier like this in our bedroom so that my skin stays hydrated. I keep it on my side of the bed so that I get the most benefit.

My Lip Routine Products I Swear By

Ok, aside from the humidity levels the other products I swear by for keeping my lips looking good in the fall and winter are this gentle scrub and this nighttime sleeping mask. I use the gentle scrub a couple of times a week and then follow it up with the sleeping mask. That mask is on my lips 365 nights a year. This is lip balm that I love to wear during the day if I am just around the house and don’t need to have on lipstick. Love that it comes in so many different colors and it really keeps the lips hydrated.


As always, thank for taking the time to stop by and read my latest post. I hope that this will help you have beautiful, hydrated, and colorful lips this fall and winter.

Remember to always have a little SASs in your day!


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  1. jodie filogomo says:

    I especially love those berry colors!! Great idea with keeping the air more humid.

    1. Me too. So many great colors for fall. Keeping humidity levels optimal is a total gamechanger. Mark was quite the fanatic about it at our last home so that all 3 HVAC units worked in harmony with one another.

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