Natural Deodorants for Women That Really Work

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Natural Deodorants for Women That Really Work

Living in the south having a deodorant that works is a must. What is even better is wearing natural deodorants for women that really work. The last few months I have been trying out natural deodorants to see if they really worked. We have had a hot summer early this year so that helped me put these brands to the test.

If you have been following me for a while, then you will know that I have been cleaning up my beauty products act over the last few years. The journey started with deodorant. You can read more about why switching to natural deodorant is good for you here.

One thing that I have learned over the years is that it takes time to find “the one” natural deodorant that works for you and your body. There have been some that I have tried that would work during cooler months, but come summertime they just couldn’t hold up to the heat and humidity here in Atlanta. Thus, the experiment began in late spring this year.

Some of these deodorants were gifted to me, however, the opinions are truly my own after wearing each of them for at least 2 weeks.

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Brands I Tested and My Findings

Since it was just me and I didn’t want this experiment to go on forever, I tested four brands that were new to me for this post. Each of the brands has a great story behind their mission and products. This is something that I love to learn about as I discover new brands to trust for my own body and hope that you will click thru to learn more about each of them as well. You can click on the heading for each of the brands below to learn about their individual stories.


Freedom Magic Lavender. Every time that I smell the deodorant when I put it on, it brings back memories of the day I opened the box that arrived from Freedom. It was this amazing scent of lavender that was not overpowering. Not only does this wonderfully scented deodorant do it’s job, but it also comes in eco friendly packaging.

So would I repurchase this deodorant and trust is with my pretty silks in summer? YESSSS.


Lavanila Pure Vanilla and Lavanila Sport Luxe were put to the test. Getting sweaty when working out is a regular part of my life so I was really glad to have a deodorant created with active women in mind to test out.

The Pure Vanilla is a wonderful mild vanilla scent and it also has a touch of freesia in the formula. Make it a lovely fresh scent. Again, this is a formula that I would trust when I wear my summer silks and I would repurchase it.

The Sport Luxe is probably the freshest smelling deodorant scent that I have ever put to my nose. As you know, I love to work out on the regular. I would use this in the morning before heading out to the gym. NEVER did I have to worry about a stinky smell coming from my armpits. This deodorant will ALWAYS have a spot in my bathroom.

Agent Nateur

Agent Natuer’s belief that beauty regimens should be luxurious experience is right on target with the scents that I tried. I tried the No s which is marketed as a unisex scent and the No 3 which is known as the holi (stick).

The No s is a very earthy scent. For me, it would be a wonderful scent to wear in the fall and winter. The most important thing is that it did stand up to the test of summer heat and humidity.

The No 3 is Agent Natuer’s flagship product. This is the where it all started for the founder of the company. If you love the smell of eucalyptus, then this is the deodorant for you. I can see why more products were formulated after the success of this deodorant. Again, it stood up to the Atlanta heat and humidity with no break thru underarm sweating.


If you like the smell or coconut or the beach, then you need to give the Kopari deodorants a try. When you open the lid the smell of the coconut deodorant that I tried immediately transported me to the beach. Who doesn’t love that type of relaxing smell. I did have a little underarm sweating one day with this one. There was no smell. It could have been that I was out and about more or higher humidity. Only one day out of fourteen is still a thumbs up in my book. They do offer a sport deodorant that is on my list to try.


As always, thanks for stopping by my little corner of the internet. I really do appreciate you taking the time from your day to read my post. I hope that my little human experiment from this spring and summer introduced you to some natural deodorants for women that really do work. Finding products that are made by women for women is something that I love to do. They get what we are looking for and expect from clean, healthy beauty choices. Drop me a line and let me know if you have every tried any of these brands or if you have one that you love to use.

Remember to have a little SASs in you day!


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  1. I’ve used Tom’s, Native and a handful of others. I’ve seen Kopari in stores but the other ones that you suggested are new to me! Xo Nipa

    1. I’ve used some of the same ones too. Never completely happy with them. I was so glad that I did some research to find some that are truly made with women in mind. If you didn’t check out the “story” behind the brands, please go back. I think it will inspire you to try some new deodorants.

  2. jodie filogomo says:

    I’ve been trying to clean up my skincare too. Thanks for these.

    1. Jodie,
      These are some great brands and wonderful products. Hope you checked out the story behind each of the brands. Think you would like the back stories. It’s great to support brands that you align with.

  3. Those 4 deodorants are all new to me. I am currently using Native Coconut vanilla & loving it

    1. Hi Holly, I have used Native Coconut Vanilla in the past as well. It’s a nice scent. Have you tried their new body wash? The cucumber mint is so refreshing this summer? The four brands I reviewed are not as mass marketed as Native. Also, if you read their stories you will see that they are made by women for women. Love that.
      Thanks for reading.

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