3 Nail Colors To Try This Spring

woman over 50 lounging on an ottoman wearing an orange blouse and white jeans looking at a bright nail color next to her fingernails

Updated on March 8, 2023.

Who is ready to wear some new nail colors this season? So many options that are bright and lively this spring.  Just like the blossoms, we are about to see everywhere on the trees, shrubs, and flowers.  So why not have the colors of spring on your tips and toes? Nail colors are such an easy thing to update each and every season.

The hues that you are seeing for spring nail colors in 2023 go from collections of bright colors to pretty pastels.  Yes, it’s time to get put those dark colors to the back of the shelf.  Make space for some fun, pretty shades to brighten your day.  So let’s take a look at some of my favorite picks from each of these collections.

Before we start to look at some of my favorite nail colors this spring there are a few other springtime beauty topics that you might want to check out.

woman over 50 wearing an orange shirt and white jeans laying on an ottoman with a tray of nail color bottles next to her

Nail Colors to Try This Spring

You will notice that I lean into three brands of nail polish….. OPI, Butter London, and Essie. As with all of my beauty products, I have been trying to clean up the products that I use on my nails. I must say that I make my purchases based on color. I will tell anyone and everyone that I do my best to choose clean products; however, I don’t know that I will ever use 100% clean beauty products. So, let’s see what’s out there for this spring and find some amazing colors to put on our tips and toes.

One quick question. Are you like me and wonder who comes up with all of these catchy names for nail polish colors season after season?

Bright Nail Colors for Spring 2023

Well, when it comes to brights this year there are lots ot choose from. There are some great variations of pinks, oranges, and greens this season.


This year you will see all shades of pink. From light pinks to bright pink to pink with glitter and sparkle. There is truly a shade for everyone. I must say that one of my favorite pink nail polishes is Dutch Tulips by OPI. I consider this pinky red a classic color.

OPI Pinks

One of the things that I do like about OPI nail polish is that they now have a few formulas to choose from. There is the original, the high shine, and the newest the Nature Strong. Here are a few of their pinks that caught my eye for this season.

Essie Pinks

Essie has a one pink polish that is available only at Target. My guess is that a lot of girls and women go down this aisle on their Target Runs. The pink that you can get here is In Our Domain.

Here are Essie’s pinks of the season.

Butter London Pinks


This season you will find pretty corals to bright oranges. I always love a shade orange nail polish when I have a tan. Just think of how many of your summer tops and dresses have a variation of orange in them.

OPI Oranges

Essie Oranges

The NFTea shade is available only at Target.

Butter London Oranges


Yes, you will find everything from minty green to emerald green this season. Each of my favortie brands seemed to make their favorite shade of the season so there aren’t as many to choose from. Nonetheless, if yoiu are a green lover, then I am sure there is a shade for you.

Off White/Creams for Spring 2023

I have always been a big fan of off white/creams/neutrals for my fingernails. In the summer it’s nice to have a good neutral like this that is bright, but not too bright and will go with anything that you choose to wear. Here are some great shades from the three brands that are my go tos.

woman over 50 wearing an orange shirt and white jeans laying on an ottoman with her feet in the air and looking a a pastel nail color bottle next to her hands

Here are a questions that many ask about nail colors so I thought I would help you out on that research.

What is The New “It” Nail Color for 2023?

The “it” nail color for spring 2023 is lavender. As you can see below each of my go to nail polish lines has their own favorite shade of lavender.

Is Classic Red Still In?

I am always a huge fan of red nail polish, especially on my toes.  This season you will see vibrant, bright reds and orange reds.


Ok, we have covered what’s new in nail color for this spring.  Now, one thing that I wanted to share with you is something that I think of all of the time.  My hands have really gotten veiny in the last few years so I really think about the colors that I put on them.  I don’t want to draw attention to them.  I just want to make my nails look nice and well taken care of.  Here is a great article on why you should make a tweak to the colors that you put on your hands as we experience midlife.

Happy Spring!

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    1. I like nudes for my fingernails, but I think I’m going to try some of the pastels on them this year. Love bold on my toes year round.

  1. I love experimenting with nail color. I’ve already started buying some new purples, but also love the Essie pastels you showed! xo Nipa

    1. I have one of the pastels that I can’t wait to try. Purples look so good on you.

  2. jodie filogomo says:

    Oooh, I love the idea for periwinkle for my nails.
    Thanks for this idea Beth,

  3. Now I’m definitely ready to add some beautiful bright Spring colors.

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