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The New Year is off to a fresh and clean slate for all of us. I am tidying up and organizing things around my home and I am sure that many of you are doing the same.  Have you thought about your makeup brushes, hair brushes and combs? My hairdresser and aesthetician remind me frequently of the importance of keeping these things clean and free of bacteria.

How often you clean your makeup brushes depends upon the function of the brush. Foundation brushes should be cleaned once a week if you use them daily. I like to use a makeup brush cleaner by Cinema Secrets . It is quick and easy, smells great and I know that it does a great job with the bacteria. Comes with a little tin can so there’s no mess. You will be amazed at how much “stuff” comes out of the brush too.

I also clean the brushes that I use around and on my eyes  weekly. We only have one set of eyes so we need to take care of them. Other brushes, such as blush, powder, and contouring can be cleaned as often as you like; however, at least once a month. For these brushes you can just use a mild shampoo. I use baby shampoo and this handy dandy cleaning mat by Sigma. When you gently move the brush back and forth you know when you have really gotten it clean.

Our hair brushes and combs. We wear our hair daily so we need to do our best to take care of it. Each time we wash our hair, we put styling products in our hair and they get on our combs and brushes and just build up into a gunk. A quick weekly wash with baby shampoo not only cleans everything up, but helps reduce that pesky static in the winter months.

Hope this was a helpful reminder of a little way that we need to take care of ourselves so that we can look and feel our best each day.


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