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3 Favorite Female Founded Businesses I Love

woman over 50 wearing a blue jacket, a white shirt and white pants, her arms are crossed in a power pose for international womens day in support of female founded businesses

There is no better time to celebrate female founded businesses than on International Women’s Day.  Yes, this day rolls around every year on March 8th.  We celebrate this day to commemorate the cultural, political, and socioeconomic achievements of women.

A Brief History of International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day goes back all of the way to 1910.  Yes, we have been celebrating this day for over 100 years now.  It grew out of the labor movement in 1908 here in New York. Women were marching for better pay, shorter hours and the right to vote.   In 1910 a second Women’s Conference was held in Copenhagen.  There Clara Zetkin proposed that in every country a Woman’s Day should should be celebrated.  The same day every year to recognize women’s rights and demands.  The first International Women’s Day was celebrated in 1911.  Eventually the day grew in popularity and recognition and the United Nations started observing the day in 1945.

Yes, this day even has its own flower.  So if you want to send flowers to someone in celebration of this day you should make sure that it includes the mimosa flower.  Here is a history on why mimosas are a symbol of this international day.

Why Feature Female Founded Businesses

So as we celebrate International Women’s Day I thought it would be fitting to write about 3 female founded businesses I love and why.  It is always so nice to support other women who have taken that leap to start their own business.  No matter the size, the dollar volume of business, or the amount of employees the fact that they have under their wings it is time to celebrate them.

You know that the women who marched in the streets in New York City back in 1908 would be so proud of every woman that has “gone for it” and went for her dreams.  Here are 3 businesses that I love and hope that you will take the time to check out the products that each of them offer.

Female Founded Businesses I Love

One thing that all three of these businesses have in common is that their products are only sold online.  There is a link for each of them.  I hope that you will check out their products.  Remember, I only write about products that I really like and enjoy myself.

Telluride Glow

woman over 50 standing in the mountains holding a bottle of skincare that her female founded businesses produces

Telluride Glow is an all natural, elevated skin care company.  Why elevated?  Mary Alice Heape came out of retirement to found this healthy beauty company when she started spending more time in Telluride, CO.   Her retirement from the fashion industry allowed her to spend more time in a place she loved, but she started having skin issues.  Her educational background in health led her to start researching alpine plants and found that they were some of the most potent plants in the world.  Thus, her skin care company was born.

The Telluride Glow skincare recovery system is made from high altitude botanicals from throughout the  world.  It is designed to reduce the signs of aging by balancing, revitalizing, and repairing depleted skin.  No matter where you live, her products will give you a glow like no other products.  You can learn more about this amazing line of skin care by clicking here.

Theresa Delgado Scarves

woman over 50 wearing a white dress and silk scarf which her female founded businesses makes

Theresa Delgado’s love of design began when she was a little girl.  Her mother gave her a pink box filled with all kinds of craft supplies at the age of 4.  She became an artist using a variety of media throughout her life.  In 2018 she decided to transform a painting that she did of the Tuscan hillside onto a silk scarf.  She was so happy with the way that if turned out that she decided it was time to pursue making beautiful scarves.

Most of her artistic inspiration comes from the vistas and modern architecture found in Southern California where she lives.  Her goal is to offer mood-boosting scarves that are fun to wear, gift, and collect.  You can see and purchase her scarves by clicking here.

Sarah Flint Shoes

A lady after my shoe loving heart.  Sarah loved shoes since she was a little girl and started selling shoes at a local boutique in Massachusetts when she was in high school.  She went to Parsons and while there knew that her love was accessories so she transferred to FIT to pursue those dreams.  While interning at Proenza Schouler she realized that she wanted to niche down to shoes and then went to study at the famous Ars Sutoria leather goods school in Milan.

Once back in New York, she designed in the mornings and worked as a nanny in the afternoons.  At the age of 25 she launched her brand.  The rest is history.

Her line now includes amazing silk scarves, hair accessories, and stationery.  This past year she also added table linens and select home decor pieces.  You can shop her entire line by clicking here.


Thanks for taking the time to read this post.  It means the world to me .  I hope you enjoyed learning about some of the female founded businesses that I love to support.


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  1. jodie filogomo says:

    It’s so fabulous to support these kinds of businesses!! Who knows our bodies the best but women??

  2. What a fabulous collection of female-founded businesses. Sarah Flint is a favorite of mine as well!

    1. Thanks. I love all of my purchases from all three of these ladies.

  3. I’d forgotten how far back International Women’s Day goes!

    I enjoyed reading about your favorite women owned businesses – they all sound amazing!

    1. I know. The teacher in me couldn’t resist including a little history lesson. Yes, I love the products from all of these amazing women.

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