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Ok, I must admit I that I like a scent of the season.  Ok, maybe more than one scent a season.  When it comes to perfumes not only does the weather influence what I choose to wear, but my mood does too. We have really welcomed fall in with the perfect weather this week too. Are you a seasonal scent person or do you just wear one signature scent regardless of the weather and your mood?

Regardless of your preference, shopping for a new scent can be daunting especially in these times where you can’t touch the bottle in most stores to get a good whiff.  You can’t smell the small amount they put on your wrist well right away because you have your mask on and can’t take it off.  Those situations occur if you are even brave enough to go shopping these days.  So the question is how do you buy a new scent these days?

Today I’m rounding up some options for us.  Whether the new scent is for you or for a gift here are some tips and tidbits that I found helpful as I am on the hunt for something new for myself this fall.

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Scent Matching

The Perfume Society has a great tool on their website call “Find A Fragrance”  that can help you out if you have a specific scent that you are looking for.  You just put in a perfume that you like and it will give you multiple selections that are similar. How easy is that.  Really comes in handy if you can no longer find one that you love.

This article in Harpers Bazaar had some great scent suggestions based upon your personality.  Loved the quote from Sheena Chandran of Sephora “Like fashion, your scent should fit your mood and where you are going.”  Again going back to my scent philosophy, what I wear depends upon my mood many days.

Scent of the Season – Shopping for a New Scent

Now that we have had some fun figuring a scent how do we shop for one. In the past my two favorite spots have been Sephora and Nordstrom.  Both stores are easily accessible for me and they seem to have a good selection.  If that is not the case for you or you just prefer to shop online these days, I’ve got that covered too.  Believe it or not at both of those stores you can return a fragrance if you don’t like it.  Now I am sure that the bottle needs to look “gently used” and not half empty.  Just something to keep in mind.  The other option is that you can order sampler sets from Sephora before buying a big bottle of something.  What a great gift idea.  Below are a few sample sets that I think would be fun to try out or give/receive as a gift.

I also scoured thru a few sites to come up with a “wish list” of new fall/winter perfumes that you can check out to see if they will become your scent of the season.

Please let me know by dropping a comment below if you are a signature scent person or if you change your scent with the season.

Remember to always have a little “SASs” in your day ladies.

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  1. Hey there! I love the whole world of fragrance! I sometimes go for something a little bolder for the winter or around Christmas…but generally I stick to my signature one: Coco Mademoiselle. Chanel just came out with a new one! And it’s delicious:). Love your post!! Why don’t you come link it up over at my Fabulous Friday’s post (is very Friday I do a link up). I’m sure so many others would love to read this! Have a great day xx Lucy

    1. So glad you enjoyed it. I can’t wait to go and try to smell the new one. I will link it up this Friday. Thanks.

  2. I definitely have my signature scent (Diorella by Dior) but I like to experiment every season with one or two new ones. Sampler boxes are a brilliant invention. They often introduce you to new or independent perfume houses you wouldn’t find in the big stores. Like Lucy I have a weekly link-up,. on Wednesdays, and would love it if you could join.

    1. I’ll have to sniff that Dior scent the next time I’m out. Yes, aren’t the sampler boxes the best. Would love to join your link ups.

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