Winter Skincare for the Win

woman over 50 wearing a grey robe applying lotion for winter skincare

Winter skincare always gets a ramp up at my house.  How about yours?  Winter weather can wreak havoc on our skin, but we don’t have to let it.  There are things we can do to combat it other than products.  Skincare products are important; however, there are other little things we can do that will make a huge impact.

woman over 50 wearing a wrobe and putting on a favorite lotion for winter skincare

Water and Winter Skincare

Yes, hydrating from the inside is just as important and hydrating with products.  So many people say that it is hard for them to drink water in the winter, but just like anything else it is a habit.  How much water should you drink a day?  There are so many theories about that.  This article really helps explain not only how much you should drink, but how many benefits there are from drinking water.

I will be honest.  When I started drinking a minimum of 75% of my body weight in ounces of water my skin started seeing the effects.  Now, I am an active person and sometimes I drink more than that especially in the summer.

How To Make Drinking Water A Habit

This is how I trained myself to drink water years ago.  When you get up in the morning get out a measuring cup and measure your goal of water for the day and put it in a pitcher.  I always start my day with a big glass which helps put a dent in it. The other trick that helped me make it a habit was that outside of my morning cup of tea, I didn’t allow myself to drink anything else until I had drank so much of my water.  Feel free to add lemon, lime, cucumber, mint to the pitcher if that helps you.  I also find that drinking it at room temperature in the colder months helps.

Winter Skincare While You Sleep

Another thing that impacts our skin is humidity levels.  The more the heat is on in your home in the winter, the drier the air can be.  Ideally humidity should be between 30-40% in your home.  Mark is a stickler about this for several reasons and he used to have these things sitting on every floor of our home to make sure the HVAC systems were doing their jobs.  We had built in humidifers which were wonderful.

Now that we are in a rental until we build a new home we have been using this little machine in our bedroom and it works like a charm.  Wally and Fluff like it to so they don’t get shocked or have fly away hair from the lack of humidity.

My Favorite Winter Products

We all have our favorite products and here are mine.  I have been using each of these for years now and they seem to do the trick for my skin.  What I will say is that I love the Jojoba oil most in the winter.  When you put it on you will want to be in long sleeve, long pants PJs because it is oily.  The oil will do the trick plus there is something in Jojoba oil that helps stimulate collagen.

winter skincare products for the win for hydrated soft skin

I also have an entire routine for keeping my hands happy in the winter.  You can read all about that and the products I love here.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this today.  I really appreciate it and hope that you learned a new tip or found a new product to try.  Just an FYI.

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  1. jodie filogomo says:

    I do believe it’s as important to hydrate the inside as well as the outside. I am so good when I sit at the computer because I have water right there. The days it’s hard for me is when we go out exploring.
    I’ll have to try these lotions. Right now my fave is Womaness.

    1. Yes, it is so easy to get all of your water in for the day when you are at home. I always take some with me every time I get in the car. It just becomes habit. I think that you would LOVE the jojoba oil in your climate. Just slather it from head to toe and your skin will drink it in. I go thru a bit bottle every year.

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