Monthly and Quarterly Beauty Checklist

Yes, I have a weekly, monthly, and quarterly beauty checklist where I clean, refresh, and replace items that I use on a regular basis. Rarely does the first day of the month and the first day of a new quarter coincide. Since that is happening today there were a few more things to check off the list today.

Every Sunday afternoon or evening I clean my makeup brushes and the hair combs and brushes that I used daily. My favorite makeup cleaning accessories are this cleaner by Cinema Secrets for my foundation brush and good old baby shampoo with this Sigma mat for all of the other brushes. My hair tools are also cleaned in baby shampoo.

I will now share my monthly checklist. These items I use regularly but not every day. I just find that if I replace everything on day one of a new month then I don’t have to worry.

  • Razor blade. Everyone has their favorite. Just remember to change it out so that it doesn’t get dull and irritate your skin.
  • Facial Copmplexion Mitt.   I have used this one by Earth Therapeutics for years every night with my favorite cleanser.   It is gentle and the silk side is great for getting the last of the mascara off.

Every quarter I have a few addition items that I change up.

  • Toothbrush. Yes, I still use the old-fashioned kind and that is what the dentist recommended years ago and it has stuck in my head. Thinking about trying this electric one and subscribing to the auto replacement head every quarter.
  • Mascara. This is something that my aesthetician has drilled into me. She is also a makeup artist and I trust her judgement on these things. Here’s a great article saying exactly why we should do this.  https://www.hellonaturalliving.com/why-you-need-to-replace-your-mascara-every-three-months/

Do you have any beauty products that are on your monthly and quarterly checklist to rotate or replace that I am missing? Would love to hear if you do.

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